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Self-aware | Define Self-aware at Dictionary com

Business plan for a medical laboratory in aware, Kiev,Ukraine. The most valuable for potential investors are the following groups of lord flies civilization vs savagery, services: A quantitative assessment of the market. Their quantitative analysis, we begin with a study of epidemiology and self definition health statistics in the region / city / country that allows us to determine the amount, rate of growth of and Violation Rights, health care demand. Medical statistics is not only the incidence and prevalence, and data resources (equipment and personnel), demographic data, etc. By comparing the relative performance with other countries and over time, we make conclusions on the health status and treatment needs. Example 1: Problems of the digestive system from Kiev as a niche market. In third place, after cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases, Kiev concerned about the self aware definition, problems with digestion (the largest share of this group occupy diseases such as gastritis and duodenitis, cholecystitis and cholangitis, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer). Morbidity that is associated with the organs of digestion has a significant share of overall morbidity and a high growth rate. The market volume of 746 thousand hits is an attractive nishoy, given that Kiev has only one fairly well-known private facility that specializes in gastroenterology.

Table 1 Classes of diseases, which occupy 80% in of the flies civilization vs savagery, the general morbidity from Kiev. Example 2: The Lions have a high potential to open children#8217;s clinic. Aware. After analyzing this indicator, utilization of mohd majid, local doctors and private clinics that provide pediatric services, cultures and perspectives of the city, we came to the conclusion that, Lviv Kyiv city second only to the attractiveness of the opening of children#8217;s clinics. (More details in definition, the study) For reference the population of Lviv is 735 thousand people. Number of children aged 0 to 6 48.5 thousand for comparison: Zaporozhye has a population of 784 thousand people, including children aged 0 to 6 years 40 thousand, the population of the city of Nikolayev is 506 thousand people, of whom only four thousand children under 6 years. Another component of our quantitative analysis is the analysis of the number, the redemption sparknotes, dynamics of the creation, ownership of enterprises which are engaged in a particular medical specialty. We are building a list of potential competitors who are engaged in this specialty in a particular region / locality, their number, form of ownership of other types of licensing activities. This analysis enables us to understand how competitive is the environment for this activity, what other services are often provided, any medical institution #8220;typical#8221; for your locality. We reveal the dynamics of new business for aware definition your expertise in a selected locality and region. Example 3: Is there a slowdown in the creation of new private hospitals in share khan, 2009? The number of licenses issued, privately owned enterprises in self aware, January-March 2009 of definition of assessment, 142 companies in the same period of 2008 189 companies.

In 2009, Kiev moved from third place to eighth, and self aware definition Dnipropetrovsk region has moved from Essay on Haitian Government of Human Rights 4 to 14th place. Reducing the number of licenses issued has occurred mostly in regions where the economic downturn had the greatest influence. We also assume that the rating increase the number of issued licenses to practice medicine was held in the regions where the market has been less intense (Lviv, Luhansk region) compared with regions-leaders in the development of private medicine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk). Example 4: The lack of specialization of gynecological and urological clinics. We have compiled a matrix of specialties in the licenses of self, 18 of the most popular gynecological clinics that provide outpatient gynecological care. It turned out that only 2 clinics do not have specialty #8220;Urology#8221; in its license.

This indicates that the gynecology clinics focus their activities around the laboratory diagnosis and offer treatment mainly sexually transmitted infections by both women and men. After receiving information about the number and definition list of companies in the specialty, we analyze the self aware, pricing of medical institutions, the average cost of services, content packages and programs that offer other types of segmentation are related to the price of services. Example 5: Segmentation of medical laboratories in civilization vs savagery, the context of #8220;range of studies the cost of self definition, research#8221; Figure clinics are located on two parameters the average price range and laboratory services. In the box 1 (below the average range of studies and lower than the average price of research) was studied most laboratories and clinics.

Clinics that offer the product, #8220;Diagnosis and Treatment#8221; offer higher prices than the #8220;clean#8221; lab. Square 2 (above the average cost of tests and studies below the average range) contains two clinics with laboratory business as non-essential. These clinics are the best known private hospitals in Kiev, which focus on a class above the average. The square of 3 (high average value and a wide range of analysis) provides laboratory testing are sent to their overseas (Germany and Sinlab clinic doctor Rodgera), and clinics that offer laboratory services as an aid to treatment services. Definition. Square 4 (a great selection of tests, and low cost services) at this stage of the self, market free.

We can assume that the strategy laid in the square of 4, can choose a network laboratory with the effects of economies of definition of assessment, scale or laboratory that collaborates with public hospitals, providing services in outsourcing. MedExpert from studies of laboratory services in Ukraine in 2007. Aware. B. Qualitative assessment of the market. This is our favorite method because it allows a qualitative research method to create a competitive edge medical care. We begin qualitative analysis of the market by identifying key market players, their relationships, values, which creates each of the shawshank redemption sparknotes, participants in self, the market for Essay on Haitian Government of Human patients and clients. Example 6: The interaction of market participants pediatric services.

Considering the market pediatric services, should consider not only medical but also the #8220;Semi-Medical#8221; component of the market in self definition, child health. The successful development of the company (eg, child clinics) should be the relationship between all market participants and the possibility of attracting a particular participant to create a competitive medical services. Medical market participants are: public health facilities, doctors from majid konting government agencies, private practitioners (unofficially), private clinics, pediatricians club in self definition, Early Childhood Development (Kiev), maternity home, clinic laboratory diagnostics, pharmaceutical companies. Non-medical market participants pediatrics include: Child Development Clubs, manufacturers of products for children, published literature and magazines for share khan children, kindergarten, school, children#8217;s sanatoriums, internet forums and websites for parents. Some members quite successfully interact with each other. For example, producers of goods and services for children create sites and forums for parents. Forum a popular forum for parents, created by a manufacturer of children#8217;s goods. Here you can find information on definition products for of assessment children, as well as a consultation of doctors.

Forum Child Development Center was created #8220;Alphabet for parents.#8221; At the forum, parents have the opportunity to share experiences, get information about existing health centers, physicians exchange contacts and get advice pediatric center, read the news about trainings, classes for children and definition parents, conducted by the center. Some private clinics are using the Internet to definition of assessment, improve customer loyalty and continue to attract, for example, doctors clinic #8220;Dobrobut#8221; give advice to parents on the forums in Kiev and Donetsk (which have their offices). Thus, Internet sites and forums are part of the marketing strategies of market participants. MedEkspert of market research services in the pediatric section 8 largest cities in Ukraine. Identifying the self aware definition, needs of your customers the most important component, with which to begin building a business. Pros And Con. We very carefully analyze and organize the needs of patients. It is important to understand not only the perceived needs of patients, and those needs that only self aware, understand the industry experts, the share khan, need to create a benefit for your patients (eg, treatment, disease prevention, the approach in the organization of the diagnostic and treatment process, integration with other health agencies) . Content analysis of Internet forums a method of identifying the needs of patients.Here customers will discuss their experiences of receiving health care services in public and private clinics, which allows us to better understand their needs. Self. Example 7: Guidance clinics should organize the training of doctors communicate with patients, depends on and con their level of satisfaction with services. The communicative aspect between patients and doctors one of the most important and key factors influencing patient satisfaction services. This is evidenced by a content analysis index for patients who have been made by self MedExpert for different segments of the medical services market. For example, a segment of #8220;birth#8221; the greatest number of positive responses was the category of #8220;relationship doctor to the patient, the characteristics of majid konting, a doctor.#8221;

In qualitative research we conduct interviews with market experts. None of our research is definition, not carried out without the involvement of experts including doctors, top doctors, heads of on Haitian, medical companies. C. Creating the concept of health care facility. Self Aware Definition. Creating a health care facility begins with a promising niche in the market that pokryvatpokryvayuschey chelovekapatsientov medical needs. Of The Flies Civilization. Often it happens that a future specialty medical facility is already defined, then we can help to determine the competitive advantages of the clinic, the main processes, the value to patients. The main stages of creating the concept of self definition, medical schools: Creating a Business Plan. Mohd Konting. Business plan in our execution has the following features: Based on an analysis of the market or segment, in which you work, the needs of your patients (clients) Understanding the processes operating health care facility. Work experience to obtain favorable credit terms.

Outsourcing consultants with management experience in the medical field. Keywords: medical congress, medisch congres,congresso medico, kongres medyczny, Congresso , kongres, medicinski kongres, kongre, medicinsk kongress,meditsiini kongressi.

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Self aware definition

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Okinawa Japan And The Us History Essay. The Kingdom of aware Ryukyu, what Okinawa was once known as, suffers from the first rule of real estate, location-location-location. This archipelago, chain of islands, stretches from Southern Kyushu to within sight of Taiwan and is perhaps one of the most conspicuously complex regions of the world. Unfortunately, their prime location, what would normally be considered a blessing, has been turned into a curse. The people of Okinawa have a long, rich and colorful cultural history. From the court intrigue and internal kingdom rivalry that marked the tiny kingdom's beginnings, to the advent of the united Ryukyu Kingdom with the first Sho-Dynasty, from her ancient cultural and lucrative trade links across the Far East through the forced annexation by shawshank redemption sparknotes, the Japanese Imperial Court to the present, Okinawa has seen and experienced it all. Okinawa was also ground zero for the last great land battle of WWII. The devastation was so total and complete that the entire written history of self this island people had almost been completely wiped out. Scholar George Kerr, a Naval Attaché during the war, received a commission to produce a comprehensive history of Okinawa with the social and con, intent to revive the identity of Ryukyu as an independent country.

With an self aware definition able team of researcher-translators assisting in the effort, Kerr scoured Japan, Taiwan and of assessment, the region for historical sources on Okinawa and then synthesized the material into the book Okinawa: History of an Island People (1958). To this day, Kerr's work on Okinawa is the most comprehensive history of the islands available in the English language. After more than 50 years, this master work is still the go-to source for scholars or students doing research on the subject. Japan invaded the Ryukyus in 1609, in part because of what they perceived to be a deliberate snub by the Ryukyu court when they were asked to provide support to the Shogunate during Toyotomi Hideyoshi's scrubbed invasion of Korea. Self Aware. In reality, this snub was the result of share khan indecision as the Ryukyuan court was torn between their very strong cultural ties to China and their racial and linguistic ties to Japan. Not knowing what to do, they simply remained silent in hopes that it would all go away with time.

Unbeknownst to the Ryukyu court however was the fact that the Satsuma clan from Southern Kyushu, in what is now present day Kagoshima Prefecture, had pledged both military and financial support from Ryukyu to the Shogun in Edo. Perhaps it was a bit of palace intrigue or a bad rendition of high Kabuki theatre but, some have surmised that they, meaning the Satsuma clan, anticipated Ryukyu's indecision or reluctance to help and may have used that bit of foreknowledge as an excuse to steal for self aware, themselves a piece of Ryukyu's lucrative trade. It was well known that tiny Ryukyu was becoming exceedingly wealthy off of regional trade, with the Chinese in particular and it was quite likely that the Satsuma were extremely jealous of their southern neighbor's success. Perhaps more importantly however is, the invasion is also believed to have resulted because of the strain created by militant European Christian missionaries from Portugal, Spain and England who had already gained a foothold in western Kyushu (Kerr, 1958). In essence, the Satsuma invasion resulted from fears that Okinawa might be invaded by Europeans and that might also compromise their plans for enrichment by conducting stealth trade, without the blessings of the Shogunate. The invasion by the Satsuma eventually resulted in the King of Okinawa being held for ransom while the Satsuma secretly regulated commerce from abroad and collected annual tribute with a percentage paid to the Japanese Shogun.

Like a scene out of the Movie Good Fellas everyone was getting a piece of the action and everyone was getting rich, fat and happy. All that is of course for tiny Ryukyu who was then made to pay trade tribute to both the Satsuma and Japan in addition to what they paid to China to keep up appearances. As a result of this onerous triple taxation, the tiny and once prosperous kingdom was slowly bled dry. 1853 witnessed Commodore Perry's landing a force from the U.S.S. Mississippi at the port of Naha and his demands for access to Okinawan ports, the establishment of definition a U.S. Self. coaling station, a military mission and share khan, formal relations with America. His mission was a relatively simple one; establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Ryukyu in advance of doing the same with Japan.

Being the stereotypical military officer, Perry was a pompous blowhard, arrogant, possessed a grossly oversized ego and severely overestimated assessment of his own self-importance. He chose to resort to force over diplomacy from the outset. Subsequently, his mission unfolded in a bizarre and almost comical manner as he ascended up to the castle with Cannon in tow and self aware, threatened to blow open the gates and assault the castle if he didn't get to speak directly with the King. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and after much diplomatic wrangling by both sides, the visit did culminate in a formal compact between the United States and the Kingdom of Lewchew. Perry went on to Tokyo bay where he behaved just as rudely. Unfortunately, a precedent was set. His mission to the Ryukyu's was soon followed afterward by konting, similar demands from the nations of England, France and Holland in the form of formal treaty relations with Okinawa. Of course Japan, through the Satsuma was given advance warning as to definition, what they could expect from their new found American friends (Kerr, 1958). The roots of the Chinese influence in the Ryukyu's can be traced back to 1372, during Okinawa's three kingdom's period.

Pressure from Okinawa's southern kingdom of share khan Nanzan and northern kingdom of Hokuzan forced King Satto of Chuzan, the central kingdom, to request formal recognition from the self definition, Ming Court in China. In 1429 after a bloody civil war, the three Kingdoms of Okinawa were finally united under King Sho Hashi and his reign witnessed the continued strengthening and positive progression of Chinese friendship. The leaders of Okinawa benefitted not only from trade but the influence of Chinese knowledge, language and other elements of Chinese culture. Between 1400 and 1550, relations between Ryukyu and China were highly beneficial for share khan, both parties and this became known as the Golden Age of the Ryukyu's. It's important to note that after the Satsuma invasion, severe restrictions were placed upon aware definition, Ryukyu but, Ryukyu was still permitted to of assessment, participate in Chinese trade relations because of the profit it brought to the Satsuma.

With the definition, Meiji Restoration, the and con, relationship between China and Ryukyu finally became strained to the point that they ended in 1872 (Rabson, 1996). With the Meiji Restoration, all pretext of aware definition Ryukyu as an independent kingdom ceased and the Japanese Imperial Army formally stationed a garrison of troops in Naha, the capital city. Lord Of The Flies. Resistance from local residents led to seven years of turmoil that finally ended in 1879 with the Royal Ryukyu Government being formally abolished by Japan and the incorporation of Ryukyu into Japan as Okinawa, a Japanese Prefecture. From 1879 till 1945, Tokyo engaged in the practice of definition implementing policies which on the surface attempted to find points of commonality with Okinawan people but whose ultimate underlying goal was to Essay Government and Violation of Human Rights, assimilate the self aware definition, residents of the island into Japan (Kerr, 1958). In areas where there was no commonality, such as the required use of the Edo or Tokyo dialect, assimilation was accomplished by social networking and con, Japan's overt attempts to use force and coercion to motivate the people to lead lifestyles and adopt ideologies which were consistent with Japan and self aware definition, its interests. One favorite method of coercion by Japan was public humiliation.

Whenever someone spoke the Okinawan language, they were made to wear a sign hung around their neck in public. The role the United States played in the region returned to the forefront in 1945 as a result of WWII and resulted in the U.S. occupation of Okinawa. Share Khan. What distinguished the U.S. post war occupation from the occupations of foreign lands by colonial powers in aware the previous century is that as a result of the treaties, officially Okinawa was neither a property nor a colony of the shawshank sparknotes, U.S. nor was it a trust territory either (Kerr, 1958). The victorious allied forces simply stripped Okinawa away from Japan and placed them into a sort of administrative and economic purgatory. Definition. Okinawa became a giant American military base.

In addition to property, some of networking pros and con which that was taken at gunpoint; the people of Okinawa lost their ways of making a living in addition to losing even more of their unique way of life. It can be argued that to this day, they remain casualties of war. Okinawa remained under the definition, control of the American military from the end of the war in 1945 until 1972. The island's strategic location made it an important part of America's more aggressive post war foreign policy stance. It was viewed by many as the Keystone of the Pacific because of its proximity to Taiwan, China, Korea, and the Philippines. Of Assessment. Okinawa even played a large part during the Vietnam conflict as a place to stage troops and/or supplies as well as launch long range bombing missions from. When formal control over aware definition Okinawa reverted back to redemption sparknotes, Japan in 1972, it once again became a Japanese prefecture but, as a result of secret negotiations between Washington and Tokyo, Okinawa would remain a place where the U.S. could maintain a large military presence indefinitely. Since the annexation by the Satsuma to the present, it can be argued that the islanders have never been treated as equals by the Japanese.

Similarly, the Okinawans generally view America's military occupation as exploitive and unnecessary (Brown, 2008). So, one could argue that both Japan and America have exploited the aware, Okinawan's for lord civilization, their own selfish gain. Japan initially coveted Okinawa for trade purposes and to serve as a defensive buffer of aware definition their southern flank. America coveted Okinawa because its bases located there allow them to project their military might all the way across the mohd, Pacific and in aware effect, take an in your face posture toward the region's chief rival, the Chinese. In spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary, both nations have treated the people of Okinawa as less than equals. Pros. This attitude is not lost on the islanders. Since the Vietnam era and onward, the people have begun to raise their voices against both the Japanese for their less than equal status among their so called fellow countrymen, against definition, the American military presence in the region and the problems created because of mohd it.

The result is Okinawa is always a very prominent sticking point in virtually all negotiations between Japan and self aware definition, the U.S. (Dower, 1999). Okinawan culture is quite unique and very different from Japanese. It has been strongly influenced by Taoist and Confucian traditions imported from China, along with Buddhist traditions originally from China that were also through time melded with the Shinto faith of mainland Japan. There are even some western influences as a result of Christian Missions and the American invasions under Perry and as a result of the share khan, war. In spite of this, the people of Okinawa also tenaciously hold on to their identity through the native traditions and shamanism which is the definition, dominant religious belief system throughout the shawshank, islands. Music and self aware definition, dance are likewise unique and now there is of assessment a concerted effort to self definition, maintain and hopefully restore the original Uchinaguchi Okinawan language.

Some radio stations have programs that feature music by of assessment, artists with lyrics performed in the native dialect and even the radio announcer's talk the talk! The impact that the Chinese culture has on the culture of the Okinawan people is very strong and cannot be underestimated. The result is it's often very difficult at times to tell where one ends and self aware definition, the other begins. Because of their century's long history of lord flies civilization trade, diplomatic missions and the benefits to Okinawa that came with it, China may in fact be the main source for much of what is the Okinawan culture. The extent to which Chinese culture has impacted the self aware definition, culture of Okinawa is evident from the detail that these Chinese influences can be linked by analyzing various elements of the music, food, architectural elements and religious customs of Okinawa, specifically burial practices (Rabson, 1996). In addition to of the flies, that, it can be further established that China may be the indirect source of some Japanese influences on Okinawan culture because China was also a core source of influence in Japanese culture (Rabson, 1996). Definition. Some examples where traces of shawshank sparknotes Chinese culture may have indirectly impacted Okinawan culture are seen in the realm of linguistics and the utilization of specific forms of words, the names of aware definition regions or places. Similarly, indirect Chinese influences on Okinawa through Japan are also seen in patterns of pottery which had been adopted over the course of time, and certain rituals which fall under the category of religion (Rabson, 1996).

That is because Okinawan culture has been hundreds of years in networking and con the making. The family is extremely important in Okinawan culture. Relationships such as the self aware definition, line of inheritance, family member roles, religious duties and obligations, even during some shared holidays such as Obon, are practiced in ways that are uniquely Okinawan. One religious family obligation that is unique to Okinawa is the lord flies vs savagery, annual springtime practice of Seimei pronounced 'she-me' wherein families visit the aware, family crypt and have a picnic of sorts with the ancestors. Essay On Haitian And Violation Of Human Rights. While some regions of Japan practice similar events during the Obon season of late summer, only Okinawa is unique and practices this annual ritual every spring. Similarly, when it comes to lines of succession within the family, over the majority of the self aware definition, Ryukyu chain, only males may inherit the family fortune. Females are forbidden to inherit. For example, whenever there is no direct male offspring to pass down the family fortune to, the head of the household will elect or adopt a male member of a close relative as their heir, even when there may be a direct line female family member to leave the social pros and con, family fortune to and even if that direct line female descendent has a male offspring to which she could pass the inheritance on to, it is forbidden. These are examples of Okinawa's cultural Orientation toward the long term. Long-Term Orientation - refers to the degree to which the society upholds traditional values.

In a High Long-Term Oriented culture, the society is entrenched with the traditions of yore, which often means that long term commitments and hard work as a plan for future rewards outweigh the need for self definition, rapid change (Jandt, 2012). In a Low Long-Term Oriented culture, change can occur quickly since long term traditions do not impede them. Other unique elements of the Okinawan culture may be noted to include music, dance, fabric dying methods, weaving and cuisine are also quite distinct from either Japanese or Chinese influences. Okinawan Sake called Awamori is produced in ways different from mainland Japan and the product is closer in quality and taste to lord of the vs savagery, a whiskey than rice brewed mainland Japanese Sake. It can further be underlined that Okinawan lacquer-ware happens to be one of the most prized crafts of the region. Part III: Japanese Cultural Influences on Okinawa. It is self undoubtedly true that the culture of Okinawa is brightly colored with some very prominent shades of Chinese influence. Even though it has significant elements of both Japanese and western cultures in it as well, they pale in comparison to China. While Okinawa, Japan and China have a similar cultural value orientation, Japan's assimilation efforts early on focused on impacting the culture of Okinawa in such a way that it could influence it in hopes of changing it. They were in effect trying to Japanize the Okinawans in much the same way they were Japanizing the Ainu peoples of Hokkaido.

It's important here to note that Japan is a higher context and Power Distance culture than the United States (Maruta Sandi, n.d.). Definition. Japan's assimilation policy in Okinawa provides all the aware, evidence we need to see to see here. During the share khan, process of assimilation, it is abundantly clear that the people of Okinawa were perceived as inferior and as a result received unfair treatment throughout the self definition, entire process and definition, they were not in any way shape or form treated as a fully integrated Japanese prefecture. In short, during this period, Okinawa would be more correctly categorized as a colony and not a prefecture. Self. Some in Okinawa still feel they are being treated this way by Tokyo. It was also during the Government of Human Rights, assimilation period of time that the self definition, Meiji regime was busy consolidating its power. In addition to wanting to Japanize the Okinawan Culture, efforts were also unfolding in the political sphere. Japan can be seen as engaged in all manner of power-distance oriented practices.

Power Distance - refers to the degree of inequality that exists. In High Power Distance cultures, the society accepts the unequal distribution of power and share khan, people understand their place in definition the system (Jandt, 2012). The less powerful are reluctant or fear to mohd majid, speak up. Here we can see the clear intent of the Japanese to eradicate all forms and vestiges of the old Ryukyu Kingdom. Japan's efforts of self definition assimilation also involved banishing the last king of the Sho-dynasty who was sent into exile in share khan Tokyo. Japan did not stop here and self definition, brought in people from outside the region to assume various ministerial leadership and bureaucratic positions.

This was not welcomed by the people. Physical coercion also had to be utilized to implement many Japan centric changes. Leaders who had previously served during the kingdom faced being arrest and networking pros and con, possible exile. Definition. The failure of the intent of the on Haitian Government, policy was worsened by the assignment of people in governmental leadership positions who were extremely unhappy with their appointments to such a God-forsaken far-away place. Adding insult to aware, injury, more often than not it was the people of Okinawa who had to bear the brunt of these petty grudges (Rabson, 1996). The unfortunate result is that most of the social pros, efforts by Japan to assimilate Okinawa into Japan left their marks on the culture of Okinawa in very negative ways.

Part IV: American Cultural Influences on Okinawa. Commodore Perry, aboard the U.S.S. Mississippi, landed at aware, Naha port in 1853. A compact establishing formal diplomatic relations between America and Lewchew eventually did get signed but, with no real help from share khan Perry. Relations remained friendly between the self, two, in spite of Perry's incompetence from the signing of the treaty until Okinawa's formal annexation to Japan. Relations soured as the U.S. and Japan drew closer to WWII. American forces invaded Okinawa on April fool's day 1945 which coincidentally happened to be Easter Sunday. Essay Of Human Rights. During the definition, next two-and-a-half months, the bloodiest battle of the Pacific war ensued that resulted in the deaths of sparknotes nearly a quarter-million people. Fighting between both forces was so intense that the locals still refer to it as the aware, typhoon of steel to this day.

Okinawa remained under the rule of America from the years 1945 to 1972, after which American forces have stayed as a result of what is officially called an invitation by the People of Japan. This contact with American/western influence also impacted the culture of Okinawa to a substantial degree. For example, as a result of close contact between the cultures, a significant number of American troops who came to definition of assessment, Okinawa married Okinawan women. Some went to the U.S. and raised their families, some stayed here in Okinawa and of course some relationships between the sexes did not last and many of these resulted in some children of self aware Okinawa having biracial identities. American influence on Okinawa is likewise evident from the cuisine in redemption Okinawa.

One example is taco rice, a popular dish of self ground beef with Mexican style seasoning served over you guessed it, rice. Likewise, the popularity of fast food is also an outcome of the American influence. Some of the first fast food restaurant chains in Okinawa were of course American companies such as the AW restaurants of burger and root beer fame that came here to service the sparknotes, G.I. population and their introduction crossed over to influence the Okinawan palate. Successful Okinawan owned businesses of today such as Blue Seal Ice Cream and Jimmy's bakery are staples and similarly hold-overs from the days of American Administration of the aware definition, Ryukyu's. Here we see intercultural communication in action. Intercultural communication generally refers to interactions among people of civilization vs savagery diverse cultures (Jandt, 2012). An example is when an international corporation, such as Coca-Cola, advertises its products in a foreign country. This not only self definition represents the product and the company producing the product but the United States and the American culture. The value an impact of intercultural communication cannot be underestimated. We tend to look at mohd konting, what happens on the governmental level and overlook the broad based effects that businesses can have.

In addition to fast food, American cultural influence is also evident in Okinawa with the introduction of American words to the local language and musical tastes such as Jazz, blues, and rock and now hip-hop. While many of these artistic accomplishments and culinary delights are pointed to with great pride, it must also be noted that outside influences to the culture can also have negative effects. For example, single parent households have also emerged to become a very prominent problem in Okinawa. Often these relationships are the result of the father being a member of the American military and self definition, a local woman. The busy deployment schedules in addition to the reluctance of some women to leave their homes have greatly exacerbated the problem. The result is that biracial children are also very evident in the population general. Essay. The government of Japan has had to establish special schools for biracial children to eliminate or lessen the negative effects of bullying associated with the Japanese culture. Most recently is the problem with crime caused by American service personnel on Okinawa as well as other areas in Japan going on a crime spree of sorts.

Speaking specifically of Okinawa, things really went bad in 1995 when three off duty service personnel, two Marines and a Sailor, with bad intent from the start, went looking deliberately for a young school girl to abduct and rape. Self Aware. The rape itself was bad enough but, the mohd konting, fact that she was repeatedly reaped, beat savagely and left her for dead in a sugar cane field was all that the Okinawan's could bear. The anger and the protests that resulted have all been for the most part peaceful but, over the last 18 years the anger of the Okinawan people has not subsided. It will likely not subside till the American's pick up their toys and goes home. Part V: Can't we all just get along? Okinawa's culture has at its core a long standing fundamental relationship with China and to this day the bond remains very strong.

Even though Japan has been autocratic and ruthless in its attempt to rule over and subjugate the people of Okinawa, it has been unable to form a real connection with the people and its use of coercion to press the matter has not helped. Similarly, Okinawa has not been able to self aware definition, accept the Essay Government and Violation of Human Rights, authoritarian influence of the self aware, United States in the region either. In spite of their love of and Essay Government and Violation of Human, admiration for definition, American culture, there remains a deep seated resentment toward the American military due to the countless cases of share khan exploitation and definition, abuse of the Okinawan people at the hands of U.S. military personnel. Finally, the languages of all the regions as well as the other elements of culture are unique and flies civilization vs savagery, therefore, the self aware, message is easily lost when these parties communicate. United States and Japan find it hard to get along with each other because they have been two of the most prominent economic powers of the world. Mohd Konting. In addition to expressing how they would like to synergize their efforts they are at the same time economic competitors and rivals.

So there has been a constant struggle trying to find that balance between cooperation and competition which is further fueled by self aware definition, one culture being oriented toward individualism and the other toward collectivism (Gluck, 1991). Kevin Maher (2012), the former U.S. Consular General in Okinawa, wrote that Japan's inability to social and con, make core decisions originates from aware its attempt to build a collective oriented consensus-building parliamentary system, the lord vs savagery, time it has lost in the course of being stuck in the economic sense of the word in self definition recent history, and its avoidance of risks and definition of assessment, engaging in the practice of taking responsibility where it is required. This indecision is evidence of aware Japan's high level of uncertainty avoidance and also relevant in the context of the social, relations between Japan and the United States because America is a low uncertainty avoidance nation and the on again, off again friends or rivals history between the two nations is self definition of less importance to the U.S. and while American's may think they know the Japanese and konting, the Okinawan's, they have to wake up and realize that they really don't. Self Aware Definition. They only share khan see each other through a glass darkly (Gibney, 1971). The revitalization of the self aware definition, US-Japan alliance needs to lord flies vs savagery, acknowledge the implications of the forces of convergence, complexity, and culture, and move forward with a sense of detailed and organized talks (Polomka, n.d.). The alliance between the U.S. and Japan has also been underlined to be an anomaly: the kind of an alliance which has been successful in surviving almost 5 decades even thought a big cultural gap between the two allies has been constant (Barnhart, 1993). Self Definition. Japan did not provide direct military assistance to the U.S. even though several others did in mohd majid konting the course of the Vietnam War, because of its constitution, but the definition, U.S. and mohd majid, Japan still managed to come to aware, an agreement regarding Okinawa (Llewelyn, 2010). The U.S. keeps a substantial number of on Haitian and Violation troops in Okinawa, Japan (O'Hanlon, 2001). The growing aversion in aware definition Okinawa toward the exploitation of Okinawans by U.S. troops and politicians from lord of the flies civilization vs savagery Tokyo makes the statement that U.S. may need to revise its strategy regarding Okinawa and find a sense of balance between Okinawa and Japan. The three parties don't play well together anymore and given their complex history, and differences in culture and languages and it may be time to rethink the overall strategy.

The relationship between the parties is currently foundering because of aware a substantial number of factors. The U.S. and Japan have had a long history of power play struggles and their more recent attempts to function as allies through difficult economic times have provided some new twists to the equation. But the need of the definition of assessment, hour is for Japan to get rid of its indecisiveness and both U.S. and Japan to realize that in these challenging and constantly changing times, they can only accomplish mutual objectives by forming a strong bond and having a clear perspective on a number of elements. This way, the relationship between the U.S. and Japan can be improved and work toward a constructive future. Cross-cultural communication continually involves misunderstanding caused by misperception, misinterpretation, and misevaluation. When the sender of a message comes from one culture and the receiver from self aware definition another, the chances of accurately transmitting a message are low. Foreigners, because of the differences in culture which can vary greatly see, interpret, and evaluate things differently. Consequently, they will act upon and Violation, them differently. The relationship that Okinawa has with the U.S. and Japan can be improved if all three parties work together to achieve a sense of understanding which is aware definition acceptable to all parties.

Okinawa has become increasingly resentful toward U.S. military presence as a result of the crime caused by on Haitian Government, American service members and aware definition, if Japan and the U.S. can come to flies, an agreement where U.S. troops are removed from the region, it may be the first step toward a constructive future. In brief, an self definition improved sense of bond can only be formed if all three parties extend understanding toward one another, overcome the language and cultural barrier, and work toward a solution which happens to be acceptable to all. And Con. It is self time for of the flies, the two senior parties to give just a little so that all three parties in this context can work to write the region's history from this point forward in a positive light and for the better.

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The 95 Theses of Martin Luther (1517) Dennis Bratcher, ed. Martin Luther was a German priest whose disillusionment with the abuses of the 16th century Roman Catholic Church sparked the self aware Reformation. Sparknotes! He was born in 1483. At the encouragement of his father, he was determined to become a lawyer. However, in 1507 after nearly being struck by lightening, he decided to become a monk. He entered a monastery in 1505 and was ordained a priest in aware definition 1507.

Luther was assigned to teach at the University of definition, Wittenberg in 1508, where he would spend his entire career. Always an avid student, he earned his doctorate in theology four years later. In 1510 he visited Rome and self aware was appalled by the behavior of church officials and the sale of indulgences. In Catholic theology, an indulgence is the remission of the physical and temporal punishment for sins that is share khan endured in Purgatory after death, even though the legal guilt has been pardoned by self definition absolution. In Luthers era, indulgences were being sold by the Church to raise money for refurbishing the lord civilization vs savagery Basilica of St. Definition! Peter in redemption sparknotes Rome. The slogan attributed to the Dominican friar Johann Tetzel epitomized the sale of self aware definition, indulgences: As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs. (see Thesis 27).

In light of his discouragement with the Church, as Luther studied and lectured on Psalms, Hebrews, and Romans he came to new insights about repentance, salvation, and the role of faith. Especially from his study of Romans, he began to majid, understand that salvation is definition a gift of God by share khan grace through Christ received by faith alone ( sola fide ). He also came to aware definition, believe that there should be a clear distinction between law, obedience and salvation by obedience to the will of shawshank, God by law, and gospel, forgiveness of sins and salvation based on the sacrificial death of Jesus. In 1517 Luther, informed by his growing belief that salvation is by faith alone, presented his concerns to Church officials in the form of ninety-five theses, a series of statements that presented a logical argument against the sale of indulgences. An account arose later that he nailed the theses to the door of the castle church at Wittenberg as an act of defiance. Self Aware! However, as fiery and acerbic as Luther could sometimes be, most historians agree that the account is legendary. Of The Civilization Vs Savagery! Historical research suggests that he sent a letter along with the 95 theses, which included an self aware definition, invitation to discuss the shawshank sparknotes issues openly, to Archbishop Albert of definition, Mainz. Luther wrote the ninety-five thesis with deference to the leadership of the pope. However, he had challenged the Government of Human Rights authority of the pope to offer the sale of indulgences. In a charged political climate, it was seen by some as an self, attack on the papacy and therefore on the Church.

Luther was summoned to of assessment, Rome to answer charges of heresy. Luther did not respond to the summons, which led to an escalating controversy between Luther and those who defended the absolute authority of the aware definition papacy. Luther continued writing about salvation by faith alone as well as other reforms that he saw needed to definition of assessment, occur in the church. As a result, the rift between Luther and those who wanted to defend the authority of the papacy, as well as to self aware, protect the lucrative source of income from the sale of indulgences, fueled a growing controversy. Finally in 1520, the pope issued an ultimatum that Luther must recant some of his writings or face condemnation as a heretic. Luther responded with typical bluntness that the die is cast, that he sought no reconciliation with Rome, and networking pros called the decisions of the pope a swamp of definition, heresies. In 1521 he was called before an Imperial Diet (an official assembly) at of assessment, Worms, a city in self aware definition southwest Germany, to defend his views and recant. Luther refused and mohd konting as a result was excommunicated as a heretic and self the Edict of Worms issued by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the urging of Church officials banned his writings and in mohd majid konting effect called for his execution. To escape arrest Luther took refuge in Wartburg castle under the protection of Frederick of Saxony, Luther's sovereign. There he translated the definition New Testament Bible into German and began working on definition of assessment translating the rest of the Bible, as well as writing numerous articles explaining his theology. Because of ongoing political and religious turmoil in Germany, the Edict of Worms was never enforced.

Over the next few years Luther gained in popularity and definition since the emperor was preoccupied with other concerns, Luther eventually returned to Wittenberg. He was instrumental in mohd reforming church worship as well as laying the groundwork for aware, the Reformation, which essentially rejected the authority of the Pope and canon law, which is the accumulated body of laws, rules, regulations, and traditional dogmas that governed the practices of the networking pros and con Church. Martin Luther continued working for Church reform until his death on February 18, 1546, at age 63. -Dennis Bratcher. The English translation is aware adapted from Works of Martin Luther , ed. and trans. by Adolph Spaeth, et al. , A. J. Redemption Sparknotes! Holman Company, 1915, Vol. 1, pp. 29-38. Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the power and efficacy of Indulgences. Out of love for self aware, the truth and the desire to bring it to share khan, light, the following propositions will be discussed at Wittenberg, under the presidency of the Reverend Father Martin Luther, Master of Arts and of Sacred Theology, and duly appointed Lecturer on these subjects at self, that place.

He requests that those who are unable to be present and on Haitian and Violation of Human debate orally with us, may do so by letter. In the self aware definition Name our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 1. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when He said Repent, willed that the whole life of believers should be repentance. 2. This word cannot be understood to mean the sacrament of penance, that is, confession and satisfaction, which is administered by the priests. 3. And Con! Yet it does not mean inward repentance only; for there is no inward repentance that does not produce outwardly various mortifications of the flesh. 4. The penalty [of sin], therefore, continues so long as hatred of aware, self continues; for this is the true inward repentance, and continues until our entrance into Essay on Haitian Government and Violation of Human, the kingdom of heaven. 5. The pope has neither the will nor the power to remit any penalties other than those which he has imposed either by self aware his own authority or by that of majid, canon law.

6. The pope cannot remit any guilt, except by declaring that it has been remitted by self aware God and by assenting to God's remission; though, to be sure, he may grant remission in cases reserved to his judgment. Rights! If his right to grant remission in such cases were despised, the guilt would remain entirely unforgiven. 7. God remits guilt to aware definition, no one whom He does not, at the same time, humble in lord flies all things and bring into self definition, subjection to His representative, the priest. 8. The penitential canons apply only to definition, the living, and, according to them, none applies to the dead. 9. Therefore the Holy Spirit acting in the person of the pope manifests grace to us, because in his [the popes] decrees he always excludes the self dead and cases of hardship. 10. Ignorant and wicked are the actions of those priests who impose canonical penances on Essay on Haitian and Violation of Human Rights the dead in purgatory.

11. This changing of the aware definition canonical penalty to the penalty of purgatory is definition of assessment quite evidently one of the tares that were sown while the bishops slept. 12. Aware Definition! In former times the canonical penalties were imposed not after, but before absolution, as tests of of assessment, true contrition. 13. The dying are freed by death from all penalties; they are already dead to canonical rules, and have a right to be released from them. 14. The imperfect piety and love of the dying brings with it, of necessity, great fear; and the smaller the love, the greater is the fear. 15.

This fear and horror is aware definition sufficient in itself alone (to say nothing of other things) to constitute the Essay penalty of purgatory, since it is aware very near to the horror of despair. 16. There seems to be the same difference between hell, purgatory, and Essay of Human Rights heaven as there are between despair, almost-despair, and the assurance of self, safety. 17. The horror of souls in purgatory should grow less and love ought to increase. 18. It seems unproven, either by reason or Scripture, that they are outside the definition state of self definition, merit, that is to say, of increasing love. 19. Again, it seems unproven that they, or at least that all of them, are certain or assured of their own salvation, though we may be quite certain of it. 20.

Therefore by full remission of all penalties the pope means not actually of all, but only lord flies civilization, of those imposed by self himself. 21. Of The Vs Savagery! Therefore those preachers of indulgences who say that by the pope's indulgences a man is freed from every penalty and saved are in error; 22. Self Aware Definition! Indeed he cannot pass on to souls in purgatory any penalty which canon law declares should be paid in pros and con this life. 23.

If it is at self, all possible to grant to anyone the remission of all penalties whatsoever, it is certain that this remission could be granted only to the most perfect, that is, to very few. 24. Therefore it must be the case that the flies civilization greater part of the people are deceived by that indiscriminate and highsounding promise of release from penalty. 25. Definition! The power which the pope has, in general, over purgatory, is just like the power which any bishop or curate has, in definition of assessment particular, within his own diocese or parish.

26. The pope does well when he grants remission to souls [in purgatory], not by the power of the keys (which he does not possess), but by way of intercession. 27. Self Aware! There is no divine authority for preaching that so soon as the penny jingles into majid, the money-box, the self aware definition soul flies out Essay on Haitian and Violation [of purgatory]. 28.

It is certain that when the aware definition penny jingles into the money-box, gain and avarice can be increased, but the result of the intercession of the Church is in the power of God alone. 29. Who knows whether all the souls in purgatory wish to be bought out of it, as in the legend of Sts. Share Khan! Severinus and Paschal.* [*This legend tells of two saints who were willing to remain in self aware torment in purgatory to suffer for redemption sparknotes, others.] 30. No one is sure that his own contrition is sincere; much less that he has attained full remission.

31. The man who sincerely buys indulgences is as rare as the man that is truly penitent; that is, such men are most rare. 32. They will be condemned eternally, together with their teachers, who believe themselves sure of self definition, their salvation because they have letters of of the civilization, pardon. 33. Men must be on their guard against those who say that the pope's pardons are that inestimable gift of God by aware definition which man is reconciled to Him;

34. For these graces of pardon concern only the social pros penalties of sacramental satisfaction, and definition these are appointed by man. 35. It is not according to Christian doctrine to preach and teach that contrition is not necessary for those who intend to and Violation of Human Rights, buy souls out of purgatory or to buy confessional licenses. 36. Every truly repentant Christian has a right to full remission of aware, penalty and guilt, even without letters of pardon. 37.

Every true Christian, whether living or dead, has part in all the blessings of Christ and the Church; and lord civilization vs savagery this is granted him by God, even without letters of pardon. 38. Nevertheless, the remission and aware participation [in the blessings of the social networking pros and con Church] which are granted by the pope are in self aware definition no way to be despised, for as I have said, they are the declaration of divine remission. 39. It is most difficult, even for of assessment, the very best theologians, to commend to aware, the people the abundance of pardons while at the same time encouraging true contrition. 40. Government Of Human! True contrition seeks and self definition loves penalties, but generous pardons only relax penalties and cause them to be hated, or at least, furnish an social networking and con, occasion [for hating them].

41. Papal pardons should be preached with caution, lest people falsely think they are preferable to other good works of self definition, love. 42. Shawshank Sparknotes! Christians should be taught that the pope does not intend the purchase of self, pardons to mohd, be compared in any way to works of mercy. 43. Christians should be taught that he who gives to the poor or lends to the needy does a better work than buying pardons;

44. Because love grows by works of love, and self a man becomes a better man; but by pardons he does not grow better, only escapes penalty. 45. Christians should be taught that he who sees a person in need, and passes him by, and Essay on Haitian Government Rights then purchases pardons, purchases not the indulgences of the pope, but the indignation of self definition, God. 46. Christians should be taught that unless they have more than they need, they are bound to keep what is necessary for pros and con, their own families, and should by no means squander it on pardons. 47. Christians are to self aware definition, be taught that the buying of pardons is a voluntary matter, and not a legal requirement.

48. Christians should be taught that in granting pardons the pope needs and of Human Rights desires their devout prayer for him more than the money they bring. 49. Christians are to be taught that the pope's pardons are useful only if they do not put their trust in them; but altogether harmful, if they lose their fear of God because of them. 50. Christians should be taught that if the pope knew the exactions of the pardon-preachers, he would rather that St. Aware! Peter's church be reduced to ashes than be built up with the skin, flesh and mohd majid bones of aware, his sheep. 51.

Christians should be taught that it would be the pope's wish, as it is his duty, to give of his own money, even though the church of St. Peter might have to be sold, to many of those from lord of the flies civilization, whom certain hawkers of pardons cajole money. 52. The assurance of salvation by letters of pardon is useless, even though the commissary, or indeed even though the pope himself, were to stake his soul upon self, it. 53.

They are enemies of Christ and of the pope, who forbid the Word of God to on Haitian and Violation of Human Rights, be preached at all in some Churches, in order that pardons may be preached in others. 54. Injury is done the word of God when, in the same sermon, an equal or a longer time is definition spent on pardons than on this word. 55. It must be the intention of the pope that if pardons, which are a very small thing, are celebrated with one bell, with single processions and ceremonies, then the Gospel, which is the very greatest thing, should be preached with a hundred bells, a hundred processions, a hundred ceremonies. 56. The treasures of the Church, out of which the pope grants indulgences, are not sufficiently spoken of or known among the people of redemption, Christ.

57. That they are not temporal treasures is certainly evident, for many of the self aware vendors do not grant such treasures freely, but only collect them. 58. Majid! Nor are they the merits of Christ and the Saints, for even without the pope, these always work grace for the inner man, and the cross, death, and hell for the outward man. 59. St. Lawrence said that the self aware treasures of the Rights Church were the Church's poor, but he used the term in accordance with the custom of his own time. 60.

Without rashness we say that the keys of the Church are that treasure, given by Christ's merit; 61. For it is clear that the power of the pope is of itself sufficient for the remission of penalties and of reserved cases, 62. The true treasure of the Church is the Most Holy Gospel of the self aware glory and the grace of civilization, God. 63.

But this treasure is naturally most odious, for it makes the first to be last. 64. On the other hand, the treasure of indulgences is naturally most acceptable, for it makes the self aware definition last to on Haitian, be first. 65. Self Aware! Therefore the treasures of the Gospel are nets with which they formerly desired to fish for shawshank redemption, men of wealth. 66. Now, the treasures of the indulgences are nets with which they fish for the wealth of self aware definition, men. 67.

The indulgences which the preachers cry as the greatest graces are in fact truly such only lord of the flies civilization vs savagery, when they promote financial gain. 68. Yet they are in truth the very smallest graces compared with the grace of God and the piety of the self aware definition Cross. 69. Social Networking Pros! Bishops and curates are bound to self definition, receive the commissaries of papal pardons, with all reverence. 70. But they are under greater obligation to watch closely and listen carefully lest these men preach their own imaginings instead of the commission of the pope. 71. He who speaks against the validity of social networking and con, apostolic pardons, let him be anathema and accursed! 72.

But he who guards against the lust and license of the pardon-preachers, let him be blessed! 73. The pope justly thunders against those who, by any means, contrive the injury of the traffic in pardons. 74. But much more does he intend to thunder against definition, those who use the pretext of pardons to contrive the injury of holy love and truth. 75.

It is folly to think that the papal pardons are so powerful that they could absolve a man even if he had committed an impossible sin and definition violated the Mother of God. 76. Self Definition! We say, on mohd majid konting the contrary, that the self papal pardons are not able to remove the very least of venial sins, so far as its guilt is concerned. 77. It is of assessment said that even St. Peter, if he were now Pope, could not bestow greater graces; this is blasphemy against St.

Peter and against the pope. 78. We say, on the contrary, that even the present pope, and any pope at all, has greater graces at his disposal; specifically, the Gospel, powers, gifts of healing, etc., as it is aware definition written in 1 Corinthians 12. 79. To say that the cross emblazoned with the papal arms, which is redemption set up [by the preachers of aware, indulgences], is of equal worth with the Cross of Christ, is blasphemy. 80.

The bishops, curates and shawshank redemption sparknotes theologians who permit such assertions to be spread among the people will be held accountable for it. 81. This unbridled preaching of pardons makes it difficult even for learned men to defend the respect due the self aware pope from false accusations, or even from the astute criticisms of the shawshank redemption laity; 82. For example: -- Why does not the pope empty purgatory, for the sake of holy love and of the dire need of the souls that are there, if he can redeem an infinite number of self definition, souls for of the flies vs savagery, the sake of miserable money with which to build a Church? The former reasons would be most just; the latter is most trivial. 83. Again: -- Why do funeral and anniversary masses for the dead continue to be said? Why does the pope not return or permit the repayment of the endowments founded on their behalf, since it is wrong to self aware definition, pray for those now redeemed?

84. Again: -- What is this new piety of God and the pope, that for lord flies civilization, money they allow an impious man who is their enemy to buy out of purgatory the devout soul of a friend of God, when they do not allow that pious and beloved soul to be redeemed without payment for pure love's sake or because of its need of redemption? 85. Again: -- Why are the penitential canon laws long, which in actual fact and practice are long obsolete and dead, now satisfied by the granting of indulgences, as though they were still alive and in effect? 86.

Again: -- Why does not the pope, whose wealth is today greater than the self wealthiest of the wealthy, build just this one church of St. Peter with his own money, rather than with the money of poor believers? 87. Again: -- What is it that the pope dispenses to people, and what participation does he grant, to those who have a right to full remission and participation because of their perfect repentance? 88. Again: -- What greater blessing could come to the Church than if the pope were to do a hundred times a day what he now does only once, and bestow on every believer these remissions and participations? 89. Since the pope seeks the salvation of souls rather than money by his pardons, why does he suspend the indulgences and pardons granted before now, since these have equal efficacy? 90.

To repress these arguments and scruples of the laity by force alone, and not to resolve them by giving reasons, is to expose the Church and the pope to the ridicule of their enemies, and to make Christians unhappy. 91. If, therefore, pardons were preached according to mohd, the spirit and mind of the pope, all these doubts would be readily resolved; indeed, they would cease to exist. 92. Away, then, with all those prophets who say to the people of Christ, Peace, peace, where there is no peace! 93. Blessed be all those prophets who say to the people of aware, Christ, the cross, the cross, where there is no cross! 94. Definition! Christians are to be exhorted that they be diligent in following Christ, their Head, through penalties, deaths, and hell; 95. And thus be confident of entering into heaven rather through many tribulations, than through the assurance of peace.

Note: The Latin version is here numbered to aware, correspond to the English translation. Disputatio pro Declaratione Virtutis Indulgentiarum. Amore et studio elucidande veritatis hec subscripta disputabuntur Wittenberge, Presidente R. Shawshank Redemption! P. Martino Lutther, Artium et S. Theologie Magistro eiusdemque ibidem lectore Ordinario. Quare petit, ut qui non possunt verbis presentes nobiscum disceptare agant id literis absentes. In nomine domini nostri Hiesu Christi. Self Definition! Amen. 1. Dominus et magister noster Iesus Christus dicendo `Penitentiam agite c.' omnem vitam fidelium penitentiam esse voluit.

2. On Haitian Government! Quod verbum de penitentia sacramentali (id est confessionis et satisfactionis, que sacerdotum ministerio celebratur) non potest intelligi. 3. Self Aware! Non tamen solam intendit interiorem, immo interior nulla est, nisi foris operetur varias carnis mortificationes. 4. Manet itaque pena, donec manet odium sui (id est penitentia vera intus), scilicet usque ad introitum regni celorum. 5. Papa non vult nec potest ullas penas remittere preter eas, quas arbitrio vel suo vel canonum imposuit. 6. Papa non potest remittere ullam culpam nisi declarando, et approbando remissam a deo Aut certe remittendo casus reservatos sibi, quibus contemptis culpa prorsus remaneret.

7. Nulli prorus remittit deus culpam, quin simul eum subiiciat humiliatum in omnibus sacerdoti suo vicario. 8. Canones penitentiales solum viventibus sunt impositi nihilque morituris secundum eosdem debet imponi. 9. Inde bene nobis facit spiritussanctus in shawshank sparknotes papa excipiendo in suis decretis semper articulum mortis et necessitatis. 10. Indocte et male faciunt sacerdotes ii, qui morituris penitentias canonicas in purgatorium reservant. 11. Self Definition! Zizania illa de mutanda pena Canonica in penam purgatorii videntur certe dormientibus episcopis seminata.

12. Olim pene canonice non post, sed ante absolutionem imponebantur tanquam tentamenta vere contritionis. 13. Morituri per mortem omnia solvunt et legibus canonum mortui iam sunt, habentes iure earum relaxationem. 14.

Imperfecta sanitas seu charitas morituri necessario secum fert magnum timorem, tantoque maiorem, quanto minor fuerit ipsa. 15. Hic timor et horror satis est se solo (ut alia taceam) facere penam purgatorii, cum sit proximus desperationis horrori. 16. Videntur infernus, purgaturium, celum differre, sicut desperatio, prope desperatio, securitas differunt. 17. Necessarium videtur animabus in majid purgatorio sicut minni horrorem ita augeri charitatem. 18. Self! Nec probatum videtur ullis aut rationibus aut scripturis, quod sint extra statum meriti seu augende charitatis. 19. Of Assessment! Nec hoc probatum esse videtur, quod sint de sua beatitudine certe et secure, saltem omnes, licet nos certissimi simus.

20. Igitur papa per remissionem plenariam omnium penarum non simpliciter omnium intelligit, sed a seipso tantummodo impositarum. 21. Errant itaque indulgentiarum predicatores ii, qui dicunt per pape indulgentias hominem ab omni pena solvi et salvari. 22. Definition! Quin nullam remittit animabus in share khan purgatorio, quam in hac vita debuissent secundum Canones solvere. 23. Si remissio ulla omnium omnino penarum potest alicui dari, certum est eam non nisi perfectissimis, i.e. paucissimis, dari. 24. Falli ob id necesse est maiorem partem populi per indifferentem illam et magnificam pene solute promissionem. 25.

Qualem potestatem habet papa in self purgatorium generaliter, talem habet quilibet Episcopus et Curatus in sua diocesi et parochia specialiter. 26. Optime facit papa, quod non potestate clavis (quam nullam habet) sed per modum suffragii dat animabus remissionem. 27. Hominem predicant, qui statim ut iactus nummus in cistam tinnierit evolare dicunt animam.

28. Certum est, nummo in cistam tinniente augeri questum et avariciam posse: suffragium autem ecclesie est in arbitrio dei solius. 29. Quis scit, si omnes anime in purgatorio velint redimi, sicut de s. Severino et Paschali factum narratur. 30. Nullus securus est de veritate sue contritionis, multominus de consecutione plenarie remissionis. 31.

Quam rarus est vere penitens, tam rarus est vere indulgentias redimens, i. Flies! e. rarissimus. 32. Damnabuntur ineternum cum suis magistris, qui per literas veniarum securos sese credunt de sua salute. 33. Cavendi sunt nimis, qui dicunt venias illas Pape donum esse illud dei inestimabile, quo reconciliatur homo deo. 34. Gratie enim ille veniales tantum respiciunt penas satisfactionis sacramentalis ab homine constitutas. 35. Non christiana predicant, qui docent, quod redempturis animas vel confessionalia non sit necessaria contritio.

36. Quilibet christianus vere compunctus habet remissionem plenariam a pena et culpa etiam sine literis veniarum sibi debitam. 37. Quilibet versus christianus, sive vivus sive mortuus, habet participationem omnium bonorum Christi et Ecclesie etiam sine literis veniarum a deo sibi datam. 38. Remissio tamen et participatio Pape nullo modo est contemnenda, quia (ut dixi) est declaratio remissionis divine. 39. Difficillimum est etiam doctissimis Theologis simul extollere veniarum largitatem et contritionis veritatem coram populo. 40. Contritionis veritas penas querit et amat, Veniarum autem largitas relaxat et odisse facit, saltem occasione. 41.

Caute sunt venie apostolice predicande, ne populus false intelligat eas preferri ceteris bonis operibus charitatis. 42. Docendi sunt christiani, quod Pape mens non est, redemptionem veniarum ulla ex parte comparandam esse operibus misericordie. 43. Docendi sunt christiani, quod dans pauperi aut mutuans egenti melius facit quam si venias redimereet. 44. Quia per opus charitatis crescit charitas et fit homo melior, sed per venias non fit melior sed tantummodo a pena liberior. 45.

Docendi sunt christiani, quod, qui videt egenum et neglecto eo dat pro veniis, non idulgentias Pape sed indignationem dei sibi vendicat. 46. Docendi sunt christiani, quod nisi superfluis abundent necessaria tenentur domui sue retinere et nequaquam propter venias effundere. 47. Docendi sunt christiani, quod redemptio veniarum est libera, non precepta. 48. Docendi sunt christiani, quod Papa sicut magis eget ita magis optat in veniis dandis pro self aware definition se devotam orationem quam promptam pecuniam.

49. Docendi sunt christiani, quod venie Pape sunt utiles, si non in share khan cas confidant, Sed nocentissime, si timorem dei per eas amittant. 50. Docendi sunt christiani, quod si Papa nosset exactiones venialium predicatorum, mallet Basilicam s. Petri in cineres ire quam edificari cute, carne et ossibus ovium suarum. 51. Docendi sunt christiani, quod Papa sicut debet ita vellet, etiam vendita (si opus sit) Basilicam s. Petri, de suis pecuniis dare illis, a quorum plurimis quidam concionatores veniarum pecuniam eliciunt. 52. Vana est fiducia salutis per literas veniarum, etiam si Commissarius, immo Papa ipse suam animam pro illis impigneraret. 53. Aware! Hostes Christi et Pape sunt ii, qui propter venias predicandas verbum dei in aliis ecclesiis penitus silere iubent.

54. Iniuria fit verbo dei, dum in eodem sermone equale vel longius tempus impenditur veniis quam illi. 55. Mens Pape necessario est, quod, si venie (quod minimum est) una campana, unis pompis et ceremoniis celebrantur, Euangelium (quod maximum est) centum campanis, centum pompis, centum ceremoniis predicetur. 56. Thesauri ecclesie, unde Pape dat indulgentias, neque satis nominati sunt neque cogniti apud populum Christi. 57. Lord Of The Flies Civilization Vs Savagery! Temporales certe non esse patet, quod non tam facile eos profundunt, sed tantummodo colligunt multi concionatorum. 58.

Nec sunt merita Christi et sanctorum, quia hec semper sine Papa operantur gratiam hominis interioris et crucem, mortem infernumque exterioris. 59. Thesauros ecclesie s. Laurentius dixit esse pauperes ecclesie, sed locutus est usu vocabuli suo tempore. 60. Sine temeritate dicimus claves ecclesie (merito Christi donatas) esse thesaurum istum. 61. Clarum est enim, quod ad remissionem penarum et casuum sola sufficit potestas Pape.

62. Verus thesaurus ecclesie est sacrosanctum euangelium glorie et gratie dei. 63. Hic autem est merito odiosissimus, quia ex primis facit novissimos. 64. Aware Definition! Thesaurus autem indulgentiarum merito est gratissimus, quia ex novissimis facit primos. 65. Igitur thesauri Euangelici rhetia sunt, quibus olim piscabantur viros divitiarum. 66. Thesauri indulgentiarum rhetia sunt, quibus nunc piscantur divitias virorum.

67. Indulgentie, quas concionatores vociferantur maximas gratias, intelliguntur vere tales quoad questum promovendum. 68. Konting! Sunt tamen re vera minime ad gratiam dei et crucis pietatem comparate. 69. Tenentur Episcopi et Curati veniarum apostolicarum Commissarios cum omni reverentia admittere. 70.

Sed magis tenentur omnibus oculis intendere, omnibus auribus advertere, ne pro aware definition commissione Pape sua illi somnia predicent. 71. Contra veniarum apostolicarum veritatem qui loquitur, sit ille anathema et maledictus. 72. Qui vero, contra libidinem ac licentiam verborum Concionatoris veniarum curam agit, sit ille benedictus. 73. Sicut Papa iuste fulminat eos, qui in fraudem negocii veniarum quacunque arte machinantur, 74.

Multomagnis fulminare intendit eos, qui per veniarum pretextum in fraudem sancte charitatis et veritatis machinantur, 75. Opinari venias papales tantas esse, ut solvere possint hominem, etiam si quis per mohd konting, impossibile dei genitricem violasset, Est insanire. 76. Dicimus contra, quod venie papales nec minimum venialium peccatorum tollere possint quo ad culpam. 77. Aware! Quod dicitur, nec si s. Petrus modo Papa esset maiores gratias donare posset, est blasphemia in sanctum Petrum et Papam. 78.

Dicimus contra, quod etiam iste et quilibet papa maiores habet, scilicet Euangelium, virtutes, gratias, curationum c. ut 1. Definition Of Assessment! Co. XII. 79. Dicere, Crucem armis papalibus insigniter erectam cruci Christi equivalere, blasphemia est. 80. Rationem reddent Episcopi, Curati et Theologi, Qui tales sermones in populum licere sinunt. 81. Facit hec licentiosa veniarum predicatio, ut nec reverentiam Pape facile sit etiam doctis viris redimere a calumniis aut certe argutis questionibus laicorm. 82. Scilicet. Cur Papa non evacuat purgatorium propter sanctissimam charitatem et summam animarum necessitatem ut causam omnium iustissimam, Si infinitas animas redimit propter pecuniam funestissimam ad structuram Basilice ut causam levissimam?

83. Item. Self! Cur permanent exequie et anniversaria defunctorum et non reddit aut recipi permittit beneficia pro illis instituta, cum iam sit iniuria pro redemptis orare? 84. Item. Que illa nova pietas Dei et Pape, quod impio et inimico propter pecuniam concedunt animam piam et amicam dei redimere, Et tamen propter necessitatem ipsius met pie et dilecte anime non redimunt eam gratuita charitate? 85. Essay On Haitian Government And Violation Of Human Rights! Item. Self! Cur Canones penitentiales re ipsa et non usu iam diu in semet abrogati et mortui adhuc tamen pecuniis redimuntur per networking and con, concessionem indulgentiarum tanquam vivacissimi?

86. Item. Self Aware Definition! Cur Papa, cuius opes hodie sunt opulentissimis Crassis crassiores, non de suis pecuniis magis quam pauperum fidelium struit unam tantummodo Basilicam sancti Petri? 87. Item. Quid remittit aut participat Papa iis, qui per shawshank redemption sparknotes, contritionem perfectam ius habent plenarie remissionis et participationis? 88. Aware Definition! Item. Quid adderetur ecclesie boni maioris, Si Papa, sicut semel facit, ita centies in die cuilibet fidelium has remissiones et participationes tribueret? 89.

Ex quo Papa salutem querit animarum per social and con, venias magis quam pecunias, Cur suspendit literas et venias iam olim concessas, cum sint eque efficaces? 90. Hec scrupulosissima laicorum argumenta sola potestate compescere nec reddita ratione diluere, Est ecclesiam et Papam hostibus ridendos exponere et infelices christianos facere. 91. Self Aware! Si ergo venie secundum spiritum et mentem Pape predicarentur, facile illa omnia solverentur, immo non essent. 92. Valeant itaque omnes illi prophete, qui dicunt populo Christi ' Pax pax,' et non est pax. 93. Share Khan! Bene agant omnes illi prophete, qui dicunt populo Christi ' Crux crux,' et non est crux.

94. Exhortandi sunt Christiani, ut caput suum Christum per penas, mortes infernosque sequi studeant, 95. Ac sic magis per definition, multas tribulationes intrare celum quam per securitatem pacis confidant. - Dennis Bratcher , ed. Of The Civilization Vs Savagery! Copyright 2013 , Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved.

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A Beginner's Introduction to aware Perl Web Programming. So far, this series has talked about pros Perl as a language for mangling numbers, strings, and self definition files -- the original purpose of the language. Share Khan? (A Beginner's Introduction to Perl 5.10, A Beginner's Introduction to Files and Strings with Perl 5.10, and A Beginner's Introduction to self definition Perl Regular Expressions) covered flow control, math and string operations, and files. Now it's time to talk about what Perl does on definition the Web. Self Aware? This installment discusses CGI programming with Perl. The Web uses a client-server model: your browser (the client) makes requests of a Web server. Redemption Sparknotes? Most of definition, these are simple requests for share khan, documents or images, which the server delivers to the browser for display. Aware? Sometimes you want the server to do more than just dump the contents of a file. Redemption? You'd like to definition do something with a server-side program -- whether that something is reading and and con sending e-mail, looking up a phone number in self aware, a database, or ordering a copy of Perl Best Practices for definition, your favorite techie. This means the aware, browser must be able to send information (an e-mail address, a name to look up, shipping information for a book) to the server, and mohd the server must be able to use that information and self aware definition return the results to the user. The standard for communication between a user's Web browser and a server-side program running on the Web server is called CGI, or Common Gateway Interface.

All popular web server software supports it. To get the most out of this article, you will need to have a server that supports CGI. This may be a server running on your desktop machine or an social networking pros, account with your ISP (though probably not a free Web-page service). If you don't know whether you have CGI capabilities, ask your ISP or a local sysadmin how to set things up. Notice that I haven't described how CGI works; that's because you don't need to know. The standard Perl module CGI handles the protocol for you. This module is part of the self aware, core Perl distribution; any properly installed Perl should have it available.

Telling your CGI program that you want to use the share khan, CGI module is aware as simple as: You may have heard that CGI is slow or Perl is slow for web programming. (A similar assertion is Essay Government Rights Perl doesn't scale.) While CGI technically describes how server-side languages can send and definition receive information to and from clients, people often mean that the execution model associated with standalone CGI programs can be slow. Traditionally, a web server launches a new process to social handle CGI requests. This often means loading Perl and definition recompiling the program for each incoming request. Though this may take fractions of a second, if you have hundreds of thousands of requests a day (or hundreds of requests within the span of a few minutes), you may notice that the overhead of launching new processes is significant. Other execution models exist, from Essay of Human embedding Perl in the web server (mod_perl) to running your Perl program as a persisten application and aware definition talking to it through another protocol (FastCGI). CGI programming is still worth your time learning for two reasons. First, understanding the web's model of client-server programming and the way Perl fits into of assessment the model is important to all models of web programming with Perl.

Second, persistence or acceleration models can be more complex in some ways -- and it's likely that your first few server-side Perl programs will need the advanced features of the other execution models. It's time to write your first real CGI program. Instead of doing something complex, how about self something that will simply echo back whatever you throw at it. Call this program backatcha.cgi : Some of this syntax may look new to Government and Violation of Human you: in particular, the arrow operator ( - ). When used here, it represents a method call on an object. Object oriented programming can be a deep subject, but using objects and methods is relatively simple.

An object (contained in $q in this example, and returned from self aware definition CGI-new() ) is a self-contained bundle of share khan, data and behavior. Self? Think of it like a black box, or a little chunk of majid, a program. You communicate with that object by sending it messages with the - operator. Messages work a lot like functions: they have names, they can take arguments, and they can return values. (In fact, their definitions look almost identical to Perl functions. They have two subtle differences, which is why they have a different name: methods. Self? Calling a method and sending a message are basically the same thing.) Thus: . And Violation? sends the header() message to the CGI object in $q , which performs some behavior and self returns a string. Of Assessment? (In this case, a valid HTTP header per the CGI protocol.) Later in the program, the $q-param() and $q-param( $param ) messages appear.

By now, you should be able to guess at what they return, even if you don't know how they work or why. Aware Definition? If you've paid close attention, you may have noticed that CGI-new() follows the same form. In this case, it calls the new() method on something referred to by CGI , which returns a CGI object. This explanation is deliberately vague, because there's a little more to it than that, but for now all you need to know is that you can send messages to mohd majid $q named as methods in the CGI documentation. If you've never used HTML, the pair of strong and self definition /strong tags mean begin strong emphasis and end strong emphasis, respectively. (A good paper reference to HTML is O'Reilly's HTML XHTML: The Definitive Guide, and pros online, I like the Web Design Group.) One method you may not have seen in self aware definition, other tutorials is escapeHTML() . There are a lot of subtleties to why this is necessary; for now it's enough to say that displaying anything which comes from a client directly to the screen without escaping, validation, or other scrubbing represents a very real security hole in your application. If you start now by thinking that all incoming data needs careful thought and analysis, you will prevent many unpleasant surprises later. Install this program on your server and do a test run.

Here's where the real test starts; understanding how to set up a CGI program on your server can be frustrating. Here's a short list of the requirements: Place the program where your Web server will recognize it as a CGI program. This may be a special cgi-bin directory. Alternately (or even additionally), make sure the program's filename ends in share khan, .pl or .cgi . If you don't know where to place the program, your ISP or sysadmin should. Make sure the definition, web server can run the program. Lord Of The? If you are using a Unix system, you may have to aware give the Web server user read and execute permission for Essay on Haitian and Violation, the program. It's easiest to give these permissions to everybody by using chmod filename 755 . Self Definition? Make a note of the program's URL, which will probably be something like http:// server name /cgi-bin/backatcha.cgi ) and go to that URL in your browser. (Take a guess what you should do if you don't the URL of the program is. Hint: It involves the words ask, your and share khan ISP.) If this works, you will see in your browser only the word Parameters. Definition? Don't worry, this is what is supposed to definition of assessment happen. The backatcha.cgi program throws back what you throw at it, and you haven't thrown anything at it yet.

It'll show more in a moment. If it didn't work, you probably saw either an error message or the source code of the program. These problems are common, and you need to learn how to definition solve them. If you saw an error message, your Web server had a problem running the CGI program. This may be a problem with the program or the file permissions. First, are you sure the program has the correct file permissions? Did you set the file permissions on your program to 755?

If not, do it now. (Windows Web servers will have a different way of majid konting, doing this.) Try it again; if you see a blank page now, you're good. Second, are you sure the program actually works? (Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.) Change the self aware, use CGI line in the program to read: Now run the program from the command line. You should see: This message indicates that you're testing the program. You can now press Ctrl-D to share khan tell the program to continue running without telling it any form items. Self Definition? If Perl reports any errors in the program, you can fix them now. (The -debug option is incredibly useful. Use it whenever you have problems with a CGI program. Ignore it at redemption sparknotes your peril.) The other common problem is that you're seeing the source code of your program, not the definition, result of running your program.

There are two simple problems that can cause this. First, are you sure you're going through your Web server? If you use your browser's load local file option (to look at flies civilization vs savagery something like /etc/httpd/cgi-bin/backatcha.cgi instead of something like http://localhost/cgi-bin/backatcha.cgi ), you aren't even touching the Web server! Your browser is doing what you wanted to do: loading the contents of aware, a local file and displaying them. Second, are you sure the Web server knows it's a CGI program? Most web servers have a special way of designating a file as a CGI program, whether it's a special cgi-bin directory, the on Haitian Government and Violation, .cgi or .pl extension on a file, or something else.

Unless you live up to these expectations, the Web server will think the program is a text file, and serve up your program's source code in plaintext form. Ask your ISP for help. CGI programs are unruly beasts at the best of times; don't worry if it takes a bit of self definition, work to make them run properly. If you're still having problems with errors, consult your server's error log. On Unix-like systems, with Apache httpd, look for a file called error_log . If you don't have access to this file (or can't find it), add one more line to the start of your program: This core module redirects error messages away from the majid, error log to the client, so that they'll appear in your web browser where you can read them.

As you might expect, this is suboptimal behavior when running a serious, public-facing application. Definition? It's fine for debugging -- just be sure to remove it when your application goes live. At this point, you should have a working copy of backatcha.cgi spitting out nearly-blank pages. And Con? Want it to tell you something? Save this HTML code to a file: Be sure to replace putyourURLhere with the aware definition, actual URL of your copy of backatcha.cgi ! This is a simple form. It will show a text box where you can enter your favorite color and pros a submit button that sends your information to the server. Load this form in your browser and submit a favorite color. You should see this returned from the server: The CGI module provides several methods to CGI objects, as mentioned earlier.

What are these methods? The first one, header() , produces the necessary HTTP headers before the program can display HTML output. Try taking this line out; you'll get an error from the Web server when you try to self run it. Flies Civilization Vs Savagery? This is another common source of bugs! The start_html() method is there for convenience. It returns a simple HTML header for you. You can pass parameters to it by using a hash, like this: (The end_html() method is similar, but outputs the self aware definition, footers for your page.) Finally, the most important CGI method is param() . Call it with the name of a form item, and you'll get a list of all the values of that form item. (If you ask for a scalar, you'll only get the first value, no matter how many there are in the list.) If you call param() without giving it the name of a form item, it will return a list of all the form items that are available. This form of param() is the core of the backatcha program: Remember, a single form item can have more than one value. You might encounter code like this on the Web site of a pizza place that takes orders over the Web: Someone who wants all three toppings would submit a form where the form item top has three values: pepperoni , mushrooms , and ham . The server-side code might include: Here's something to sparknotes watch out for. Take another look at the pizza-topping HTML code. Try pasting that little fragment into definition the backatcha form, just above the input type=submit. tag.

Enter a favorite color, and check all three toppings. You'll see this: Why did this happen? When you call $q-param('name') , you get back a list of all of the Essay and Violation, values for that form item. (Why? Because the call is in list context , thanks to the say operator which starts the entire expression.) This could be a bug in the backatcha.cgi program, but it's easy to fix by using join() to separate the item values: . or call $q-param() in self, a scalar context first to get only the first value: Always keep in mind that form items can have more than one value! Okay, I lied about the list form being easy. Your eyes may have crossed as you wonder what exactly that map block does, and vs savagery why I made you read it. This is actually a great time to aware discuss a very clever and definition of assessment useful part of Perl. Remember how that code exists to aware handle a list of values? I explained earlier that the param() method returns a list of values when you want a list of values, and a single value when you want a single value. This notion of context is pervasive in shawshank redemption sparknotes, Perl. It may sound like a strange notion, but think of it linguistically in terms of noun-verb number agreement.

That is, it's obvious what's wrong with this sentence: Perl are a nice language! . The subject, Perl, is self aware definition singular and so the verb, to be, should also be singular. Getting to know Perl and its contexts means understanding which contexts are list contexts (plural) and which contexts are scalar contexts (singular). What about that map though? Think of it as a device for transforming one list into share khan another, sort of a pipeline. Self Aware? You can drop it in share khan, anywhere you have a list to perform the self aware definition, transformation. It's equivalent in behavior to: . but it's significantly shorter.

You can safely ignore the details of how it works for Essay on Haitian, a few minutes. Now you know how to build a CGI program, thanks to a simple example. How about something useful? The previous article showed how to build a pretty good HTTP log analyzer. Why not Web enable it? This will allow you to self definition look at your usage figures from anywhere you can get to a browser. Before starting on the revisions, decide what to do with the analyzer. Instead of showing all of the Essay Government and Violation of Human Rights, reports generated at once, show only those the user selects.

Second, let the user choose whether each report shows the entire list of items, or the top 10, 20 or 50 sorted by access count. Aware? The user interface can be a simple form: (Remember that you may need to change the definition of assessment, URL!) This HTML page contains two different types of definition, form item in this HTML page. One is a series of checkbox widgets, which set values for the form item report . The other is Government and Violation of Human a single drop-down list which will assign a single value to number : either ALL, 10, 20 or 50. Take a look at the original HTTP log analyzer. Start with two simple changes. First, the original program gets the filename of the aware, usage log from a command-line argument: This obviously can't work, because the Web server won't allow anyone to enter a command line for a CGI program! Instead, hard-code the value of $logfile . I've used /var/log/httpd/access_log as a sample value. Social Networking Pros And Con? Second, make sure that you output all the necessary headers to the web server before printing anything else: Now look at the report() sub from the original program.

It has one problem, relative to the new goals: it outputs all the self, reports instead of only the redemption sparknotes, selected ones we've selected. It's time to aware rewrite report() so that it will cycle through all the shawshank sparknotes, values of the report form item and aware definition show the appropriate report for each. You probably haven't seen given/when before. It works like you might expect from reading the mohd, code out self loud. Given a variable or expression, when it's a specific value, perform the associated action. When the report type is url , produce the Essay on Haitian Government and Violation Rights, URL requests section of the report. Finally, rewrite the aware definition, report_section() sub to social networking output HTML instead of plain text.

Perl allows you to sort lists with the definition, sort keyword. By default, the shawshank redemption, sort will happen alphanumerically: numbers before letters, uppercase before lowercase. This is sufficient 99 percent of the self aware, time. The other 1 percent of the time, you can write a custom sorting routine for Perl to use. This sorting routine is just like a small sub. In it, you compare two special variables, $a and $b , and return one of three values depending on sparknotes how you want them to show up in the list. Returning -1 means $a should come before $b in self aware definition, the sorted list, 1 means $b should come before $a in the sorted list and Essay Government Rights 0 means they're equal, so I don't care which comes first. Perl will run this routine to compare each pair of items in your list and produce the sorted result. For example, if you have a hash called %type , here's how you might sort its keys in descending order of their values in the hash.

In fact, numeric sorting happens so often, Perl gives you a convenient shorthand for aware, it: the majid konting, = (spaceship) operator. This operator will perform the above comparison between two values for you and return the appropriate value. That means you can rewrite that test as: You can also compare strings with sort . The lt and gt operators are the string equivalents of and aware definition , and cmp will perform the same test as = . Flies Civilization Vs Savagery? (Remember, string comparisons will sort numbers before letters and uppercase before lowercase.) For example, you have a list of names and self definition phone numbers in the format John Doe 555-1212. You want to mohd konting sort this list by the person's last name, and definition sort by first name when the last names are the same. This is a job made for cmp ! If you look closely at the regexp assignment lines, you'll see list context. Where?

The parentheses around the variable name are not just there for decoration; they group a single scalar into a one-element list, which is sufficient to shawshank redemption provide list context on the right-hand side of the assignment. In scalar context (without the parentheses), the regular expression returns the self aware, number of matches. In list context (as written), it returns the captured values. Thus this is the Perl idiom for performing a regexp match and capture and assignment in a single line. Now that you know how CGI programs can do what you want, you need to Essay Government and Violation of Human Rights make sure they won't do what you don't want. This is harder than it looks, because you can't trust anyone to do what you expect. Self Aware? Here's a simple example: You want to make sure the majid, HTTP log analyzer will never show more than 50 items per report, because it takes too long to send larger reports to the user. Self Definition? The easy thing to do would be to eliminate the ALL line from the HTML form, so that the only remaining options are 10, 20, and 50.

It would be very easy -- and mohd majid konting wrong. You saw that you can modify HTML forms when you pasted the pizza-topping sample code into the backatcha page. You can also use the URL to pass form items to a program -- try going to in your browser. Obviously, if someone can do this with the backatcha program, they can also do it with your log analyzer and stick any value for number in that they want: ALL or 25000, or four score and seven years ago. Your form doesn't allow this, you say. Who cares? People will write custom HTML forms to exploit weaknesses in your programs, or will just pass bad form items to your program directly. You cannot trust anything users or their browsers tell you. They might not even use a browser at all -- anything which can speak HTTP can contact your program, regardless of whether it's even ever seen your form before (or cares what your form allows and disallows). Eliminate these problems by knowing what you expect from the user, and disallowing everything else.

Whatever you do not expressly permit is totally forbidden. Secure CGI programs consider everything guilty until it is made innocent. For example, you want to limit the size of reports from the HTTP log analyzer. You decide that means the number form item must have a value that is between 10 and self 50. Verify it like: Of course, you also have to change the share khan, report_section() sub so it uses the $number variable. Now, whether your user tries to tell your log analyzer that the value of self aware, number is 10, 200, 432023, ALL or redrum, your program will restrict it to of the civilization a reasonable value. Aware Definition? You don't need to do anything with report , because it only acts when one of its values is something expected. If the user tries to enter something other than the konting, expressly permitted values (url, status, hour or type), the code just ignores it. Do note that report_section is self aware definition a little smarter to avoid printing nothing when there's nothing to print. If the flies civilization, user entered an invalid value, report will call report_section with only the definition, CGI object $q , and definition the latter sub will return early, without printing anything. Use this sort of logic everywhere you know what the user should enter.

You might use s/D//g to remove non-numeric characters from items that should be numbers (and then test to make sure what's left is self definition within your range of allowable numbers!), or /^w+$/ to make sure that the user entered a single word. Definition? All of this has two significant benefits. First, you simplify your error-handling code, because you make sure as early in your program as possible that you're working with valid data. Second, you increase security by reducing the number of aware definition, impossible values that might help an attacker compromise your system or mess with other users of your Web server. Don't just take my word for it, though. The CGI Security FAQ has more information about safe CGI programming in Perl than you ever thought could possibly exist, including a section listing some security holes in definition, real CGI programs.

You should now know enough about CGI programming to write a useful Web application. (Oh, and you learned a little bit more about self aware sorting and comparison.) Now for some assignments: Write the quintessential CGI program: a guestbook. Users enter their name, e-mail address and a short message. Append these to an HTML file for all to see. Be careful! Never trust the user! A good beginning precaution is to disallow all HTML by either removing and characters from konting all of the user's information or replacing them with the lt; and gt; character entities. Aware Definition? The escapeHTML method in the CGI module is very good for definition of assessment, this.

Use substr() , too, to cut anything the user enters down to self aware a reasonable size. Asking for a short message will do nothing to prevent the user dumping a 500k file into the message field! c: Why not add use strict; and use warnings 'all'; to the CGI scripts? It would also help out majid beginners by making them aware of variable declaration and scoping problems. Nowadays, with the self aware definition, exploding popularity of share khan, MVC frameworks like Ruby On Rails, Spring MVC, Struts2, Catalyst, etc . Self Definition? Why would anyone still want to program using CGI? The answer to lord of the flies the question of why use CGI when RoR,Spring. (my favorite Stripes) are available, is definition that CGI works almost everywhere, especially on cheap Virtual Domain webservers and for many projects, MVC frameworks are overkill. I would have liked a mention of Template Toolkit or. Text::MicroMason as an alternative to share khan outputing HTML using

Great article, chromes! @Ali M., CGI is plenty useful for creating and testing modules which eventually are deployed in a persistent environment (mod_perl, FastCGI etc.) Frameworks are great but you have to know how to program at self definition a lower level. Definition Of Assessment? You might have to write a framework someday! Great article chromatic. I would have love to have seen use CGI qw/standard/ so you can get that very clean code feeling. While I can see that it might be difficult for aware, beginners to grok, it shows that perl can be quite elegant with a ultra-clean syntax and English-like grammar. I am a big fan or Perl and CGI for social networking pros, its simplicity, but frankly Perl is self a dead language. Not only Perl 6.0 is not coming up this year (after more than 8 years of waiting) but also other programming languages like Python, Ruby can do the same and are actively maintained. Social And Con? Finally if scripting languages is definition your thing and civilization vs savagery you have a Java code base, Jython and JRuby are your friends (or you can go the JSP / Servlets path with or without frameworks like Spring).

Perl and aware definition CGI are good to maintain or patch legacy projects, but any serious developer should consider something else to create web applications. Jose, what does actively maintained mean? Are Perl 5.8.9 and Perl 5.10.1 not coming out soon? Did all nearly 7000 CPAN authors suddenly stop releasing new versions and new distributions? As a contributor to Perl 5, CPAN, and Perl 6, I'd like to know; I didn't get the memo that we were stopping maintenance and new work. Did Catalyst, Jifty, and CGI::Application suddenly disappear? How about mod_perl and shawshank Perlbal? Perhaps your web cache has a problem and is serving very old pages. Otherwise, I think you're spreading FUD, or at least ignorance. Self Aware? (Oh, and there's a new release of Parrot containing a new release of Rakudo next Tuesday. Vs Savagery? By my count, that's the 21st stable monthly release in a row.) Kodegeek, why must you drink whatever kool-aid others put in front of you? Over the self definition, last 5 years doing web development, I have used PHP, Perl, Python, and mohd konting Java.

It's stupid to self aware definition say that any of these languages has a real leg up on one of the others unless you're talking about the type strength or OO-ness of one of them. Even though some are more popular with the noob pile (new college grads), they don't weaken other traditional languages. They all have their frameworks, they all have their fanboys, and shawshank redemption sparknotes any one of them can be used to do whatever job you have in front of you this week. In fact, I would say that any one of these languages is self aware definition a fine choice for web development. The issue of whether or not it's good is definition going to come down to personal preference of the developer(s) and definition whether or not they are competent in deploying an application using that language. You should listen to what your peers are discussing and learn from it. Then, maybe you could start to post some real arguments for or against and Violation of Human Rights using a certain language. Also, remember this was a for beginners article. My $0.02. My career in this business began way back in 1985. I have had the pleasure of working with a great number of languages and technologies during that time.

The determination of whether a specific language/technology combination is ideal for self aware, the application problem must be left to of the civilization vs savagery the discretion of problem domain experts. Aware? In my personal experience Perl is a fabulous solution for many business problems. When developers weigh the lord of the civilization vs savagery, maturity of the language coupled with the volume of code available on CPAN one is hard pressed to find a better all-around tool for solving business problems. Just a small nitpick - is it possible you meant to self write and it's un likely that your first few server-side Perl programs will need the advanced features of the other execution models (emphasis mine)? Thank you for the wonderful articles on social and con Perl/CGI.

This is definition all new to me. I'm trying to teach myself Perl. I'm actually working with the older series of articles before I attempt to learn the share khan, material for Perl 5.10. I feel there are still a great deal of self aware definition, scripts out there written pre-5.10 and so it's best to begin with that version. My problem lies with lesson 4 and trying to get Perl/CGI to place commas between the selected topping items for the pizza.

The script simply prints out the toppings list without any separation. I've included the konting, script below. Self Aware? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. use CGI ':standard', '-debug'; Jeepers. Share Khan? What a nightmare.

The first example, backatcha.cgi, will not run as it is under Perl 5.10. If you try to run it you get several errors, snipped here for tidiness: String found where operator expected at ./backatcha.cgi line 12, near say Parameters (Do you need to predeclare say?) Global symbol $p requires explicit package name at ./backatcha.cgi line 19. You need to add use feature 'say'; to get round all the say errors. Self? Then $p. That makes me laugh. You are using strict (which is mohd konting good), but where is $p defined? Change $p to $param and it works. Not much of self aware, a tutorial, I'm afraid. Please check before posting such nonsense in lord civilization, future. The Web needs more articles like yours.

As a Perl beginner (, I thank you for teaching your magic. Perl is a dead language. I wish you would tell that to the 8 out of self aware definition, 10 employers who list it as the #1 skill on their job requirements ;) 8 out of 10 employers list Perl as the #1 skill?! Hmmmm . Walmart one of them? I love perl; it is probably my favorite programming language of of the civilization, all time. And it is unfortunately dead.

I see all the IDE's have support for Ruby and Python; I don't see any support for perl. Self? (jEdit has limited support but it's a limited IDE.) There is no way to share khan easily deploy perl servlets, perl beans, or perl web services which makes most perl code legacy in today's world. Perl 6 has been in development forever but offers very little in the way of fitting into aware the outside world. The perl community may still be alive and kicking but it's a very insular crowd now. The rest of the Essay Government Rights, world has passed you by. Which is too bad, because none of the alternatives are as joyful to program as perl was. Dave, you just didn't searched for IDE that supports Perl. Aware? I think that list of Eclipse, Komodo and Padre is enough (Padre recommended). But list of them is much bigger - just search or ask on perlmonks or stackoverflow.

How to get the selected checkbox value for windows. Share Khan? I am using TK module. let me the syntax for definition, how to get the selected check box value. I don't think Perl is any more dead than Cobol is lord - It's simply that the World is has become full of teenages who constantly rave about trendy stuff like Sharepoint and self aware definition .Net whilst completely oblivious to the amount of pros and con, legacy code written in languages like Cobol and Perl, upon which the World continues to turn. Self Definition? Suits and old-fart programmers like me just fine. :) Trying to get the log analyser to definition of assessment work, but pressing the Show report button just takes me to a blank page. error.log has the message: tail -n 1 /var/log/apache2/error.log. Self Aware? [Sat Sep 26 01:04:10 2009] [error] [client] Could not open log '/var/log/apache2/access.log': Permission denied, referer: http://localhost/logalyzer.html. access.log is owned by root:adm. Do I need to change something? Wow. A good job! I like the tutorial very much.

Thank you!

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The Dink Shot: Part 1- Definition #038; Examples. Ive covered many pickleball strategy topics in the nearly-two-years since I started my monthly newsletter, however it was recently brought to my attention (shockingly!) that I havent talked much about the self dink shot how to hit it, why you need it, etc. So (at long last) here are my best tips, tricks strategies for vs savagery hitting the dink shot. First off, there are probably a good number of you (who may be relatively new to the game) who have never heard of the dink shot. No worries, weve all been there, Part 1 of this article series will be a great way for aware you to get up-to-speed on one of the mohd majid konting most important elements of pickleball. Then, theres probably also another good chunk of you who have heard of the dink shot but are positive that its a shot only for sissies, weaklings or childrenand certainly not a shot that any mans man or womans woman would ever hit Hopefully Part 2 of this article series will help you see the light, but otherwise, contact me for a private lesson and Ill quickly prove to you how essential and self powerfulthe dink shot can be. Lastly, there are those of you who already understand the significance of the dink shot and have tried, to whatever extent, to incorporate it into definition of assessment your game, but are always on the lookout for some pointers to definition hit your shots more easily and more reliably. Thats what Part 3 is all about. Please post your comment below to share khan let me know how this article helps. The dink shot is a slower, softer shot hit from near the no-volley line, that drops downward once it crosses the net and lands in self aware, the opponents no-volley zone.

When you hit this shot, it makes your opponent have to let the ball bounce before hitting it, which usually forces them to hit upward on the ball. The Dink Shot Compared to The Drop Shot. The dink shot is different from the drop shot primarily because it is mohd majid, hit from/at the no-volley zone, whereas the drop shot is hit from the back half of the court. While the dink the drop shot are similar in that they both head downward after crossing the net to land in the no-volley zone, the actual mechanics of hitting them are somewhat different, and the drop shot is usually a more challenging/advanced shot to hit than the dink shot. Aware. Many people who have mastered the Government of Human Rights dink shot still struggle with the aware definition drop shot, which is why I wrote my article, 4 Secrets to Get Your Dropshot to Go Where You Want (And Not Where You Dont). Characteristics of a Good Dink Shot:

A good dink wont bounce higher then the net, making it impossible for your opponent to hit the ball downward without hitting it into the net. Mohd Konting. If the dink passes too high over the net, then the self definition ball will bounce higher than the net, allowing your opponent to hit downward on the ball (something you never want to give them a chance to do). A good dink will land in the shallow half of the kitchen. Share Khan. If your dink lands deeper in to the kitchen or at/past the self aware no-volley line, then its more likely your opponent will be able to reach out and hit the ball before it bounces, which means theyll have a better chance to Essay on Haitian and Violation Rights hit downward on aware definition, the ball. Examples of Excellent Good Dink Shots. These shots are low over the net and/or land in the shallow half of the kitchen. These shots are too high, too deep or both. The Dink Shot: Part 2 Why You Need the on Haitian Government and Violation Dink. The Dink Shot: Part 2 Why You Need the Dink.

In my article, The Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at The No-Volley Line I talk about how important it is to get up to the net and stay there. The dink shot is an self aware essential element to being able to play at the no-volley line. You need to be able to hit the dink shot because: It is a powerful strategy that better players will use against you. As a defensive strategy, if you cant at least return a dink shot with another dink without hitting the ball into the net or giving your opponent a cream-puff, youll quickly lose the game. It is an excellent offensive strategy, which you can use against weaker opponents to goad them into hitting the lord civilization vs savagery ball into the net or giving you a cream-puff. Against players of equal-or-higher level, the aware definition dink shot gives you the opportunity to take control of the point, by of assessment, defining the speed, angle and self definition location of the ball.

Many players are so used to defending against a hard, fast ball that the slowness of a dink will mess up their timing, causing them to make an unforced error. Learning to slow the share khan ball down and turn your opponents fast/hard shot into a dink does require some practice finesse, but it IS possible its a game-changer once you can do it. (Its something that many of my students get MUCH better at self aware definition, after a private practice session.) For those of you who fall into the category of thinking that only a sissy would hit a dink shot, check out the image below. If your opponent dinks to you, forcing you to let the ball bounce, if you hit a hard shot back, it will either go into mohd majid konting the net or go over self aware, the net at an upward angle, which is share khan, really just another way of saying a losing angle. Because the higher you hit the ball up, the harder faster a good opponent will hit the self ball at your feet, putting you on the defensive. Still dont buy it? Read The Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at The No-Volley Line then contact me for a private lesson. Control the lord flies civilization Placement of the Ball.

When you hit a dink shot, you have more time opportunity to place the ball where you want it. With a series of good dinks, you can move your opponents back and aware forth on lord flies civilization, the court until you have created an opening where you can place the ball where they wont get it. The Dink Shot: Part 3 How to Perfect the Dink. The Dink Shot: Part 3 How to Perfect the self Dink. Pickleball Strategy from the Pickleball Guru.

Get Your Paddle Up, Out In Front of Your Chest Before After Every Shot. This is true for every shot, of course, but especially when you are at lord of the civilization, the net, you need to be ready for a high fast shot, or a low soft shot, so keeping your paddle up in aware, the ready position between each shot is crucial. Hit the Ball Just Before the Second Bounce. After the ball bounces, you actually have much more time than you expect to mohd konting hit it before it bounces again. Many players try to take the ball after the bounce before the ball reaches the top of the aware definition next arch.

But in order to get the most control of your shot, you need to wait and hit the ball AFTER it has passed the top of the arch, while its on its way back down, and right before it is going to make a a second bounce. Now I realize this is a question of seconds or milliseconds, but it really will make a big difference the longer you can wait to konting hit the ball. This gives you more time to see where your opponents are positioning themselves, so that you can position the ball where they are not. The ball has also slowed down considerably by the time it gets there, so you have less speed to aware counteract. Dont just use your arm. Bend your knees, push down into your feet and LIFT the ball using your whole body.

Dont Swing Hit: Play Out In Front of You. One mistake many players make is to do a large back swing before hitting the ball. Likewise, you dont need a huge follow-through and in fact, doing so will keep you from definition of assessment, being prepared for the next shot. Self Aware. Just scoop the ball over the net. Social And Con. Really, if youre hitting a dink shot, your paddle never needs to be more than about 45 left or right of front center.

2 Drills to Improve the Dink Shot. Hula hoops (which you can pick up at nearly any $1 store or Walmart) are one of my favorite tools for drilling, however chalk or masking tape can also be used in many cases. Place the hula hoop (or tape) on self definition, the ground, toward the center of the kitchen/no-volley zone, positioned right up against the net. From the opposite side, practice hitting your dinks so that the shawshank sparknotes ball drops into the hula hoop. If you are practicing alone, you can drop the self definition ball in front of you, and hit it off the bounce. Definition Of Assessment. If youre practicing with a partner, have them watch their step around the hula hoop and simply return the ball to you. (Or put a hula hoop on each side so you can both practice at once.) Shoot to get 10 in a row. Then move your body 2 feet to the right and keep practicing aiming for self definition hula hoop. Networking Pros And Con. Once you can hit 10 in a row there, move back to 2 feet to the left of self aware definition your original position (so a right-handed person will be hitting a backhand), and repeat the drill. After mastering these 3 positions, you can move the networking and con hula hoop about 3-4 feet left and right, and repeat all 3 positions.

Eventually, you can practice cross-court dinking by having the hula hoop against the net all the way on one side of the court, while you dink from the opposite side of the court. To Improve Control Over the Height. Using simple quick-grip clamps (or possibly zip-ties) position the hula-hoop in a vertical position parallel to aware definition and against the net, so that approximately 1/3 to half of the hula hoop is suspended above the net. Then practice hitting your dink above the share khan net through the hula hoop. Once you have mastered both of these drills you can combine them by aiming the ball through the hoop on the net so it lands in the hoop on self aware definition, the ground. So, thats what *I* know have to networking say about the dink. Whats your experience been? Was this article helpful? Please post your comments and questions below. 3-part series on aware, how to perfect the dink shot.

3-part series on how to perfect the sparknotes dink shot. Dinking a game of patience will help you to definition win tournaments. Knowing how to dink well does take practice, but there are some ways to practice that can make you a great dinker. I invite you to visit to understand exactly how to share khan hit the Dink. Looking for Pickleball Rules? Youve come to the right place.

Service must be underhand to the diagonal box. The first person to serve each turn is the self one on the right-hand side (deuce side) of court. Each person on share khan, a team gets 1 chance to serve, for a total of 2 chances per team. The first server serves until they dont win the point, then the serve passes to the second player until they dont win the point, then serve passes to the other team. Unlike tennis, where a server could potentially double-fault, here each server only gets 1 chance. Return of Serve MUST Bounce You may NOT hit the self aware ball in the air (volley it) if you are in the no-volley zone (see diagram). You MAY hit the ball if you are in the no-volley zone AS LONG AS THE BALL BOUNCES BEFORE you hit it. Dont worry if you dont catch on to the scoring right away, or if you have a hard time remembering what the score is during the sparknotes game. The rules of Pickleball and the excitement of the game make it hard for self aware definition anybody (of ANY age) to remember! One Game to 11 Points, Win by 2 You only score points when your team serves.

Server calls the score before each serve The score consists of 3 numbers: The Serving Teams Score is called first, The Receiving Teams Score is called second, and The 3rd number is either a 1 or 2 The 3rd number indicates if it is the serving teams 1st or 2nd chance to serve. Social Networking. Score at self definition, start of game is 0-0-Start because the first team to social pros and con serve a game only gets 1 chance to serve . When they lose the point, serve passes to other team. So those are the basic Pickleball rules. Any questions? Just contact me! Pickleball Drill: Walk the Kitchen Line. Pickleball Drill: Walk the Kitchen Line. 4 Secrets to Get Your Dropshot to Go Where You Want. 4 Secrets to Get Your Dropshot to self aware definition Go Where You Want. Last month I had someone write in asking for advice on how to on Haitian and Violation of Human Rights better calibrate their drop shot.

Unless youre a nationally ranked player, (and even then!) Im sure you can relate to having days (or ahem entire pickleball careers) when you cant seem to get the aware definition darn ball over the net from the back of the court without giving your opponent a cream-puff of a put-away shot to slam back at your feet. From the dink to the drop shot, the secret to moving yourself from on Haitian of Human Rights, a defensive position into an offensive position in definition, pickleball is to get the ball to drop relatively close to the net, inside the no-volley/kitchen line so that your opponent is social pros and con, forced to let it bounce before hitting it. Because the pickleball doesnt bounce high, that usually forces them to aware definition hit UP on share khan, the ball rather than hit down, which is always a disadvantageous position in pickleball. (For a more in definition, depth discussion of why this is true, check out of assessment, my article The Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at The No-Volley Line + 2 Lies You Tell Yourself When Youre There.) So lets say you understand and buy in to the concept that in order to win a pickleball game against better players, you gotta get up to the net, and the best way to get up to the net from the back of the aware court is to take advantage of the no-volley rule by hitting a drop shot, and rushing to shawshank the line while youre opponent is letting the ball bounce. As Im sure youll be the self aware definition first to admit, understanding the concept intellectually is pros, a far cry from being able to self definition physically implement it. So here are my best tips for how to hit a drop shot that actually drops out of your opponents wheelhouse doesnt go into the net.

#1: Hit the Ball Just Before the Second Bounce. After the ball bounces, you actually have much more time than you expect to hit it before it bounces again. Many players try to take the ball after the bounce before the ball reaches the top of the next arch. But in of the civilization vs savagery, order to get the most control of self aware definition your shot, you need to wait and lord of the civilization hit the ball AFTER it has passed the self top of the of assessment arch, while its on its way back down, and right before it is going to self definition make a a second bounce. Now I realize this is a question of seconds or milliseconds, but it really will make a big difference the longer you can wait to hit the definition ball. This gives you more time to see where your opponents are positioning themselves, so that you can position the ball where they are not. The ball has also slowed down considerably by the time it gets there, so you have less speed to counteract. When I played spectated at self, the Grand Canyon State Games in Surprise, AZ this past month, I paid special attention to the fact that nearly all the best players lift with their knees. Average height, short or tall, the networking pros and con best players all bend their knees lift their paddle.

Im not sure I can even explain the mechanics of why this is true, but when you bend your knees and use your whole body to lift your paddle and self scoop the ball, youll have more control than you ever thought possible. When you bend lift with your knees, you are forced to get your timing right. This means youre not just reaching out to get your paddle in front or unconsciously reacting to of assessment the shot, but you are positioning yourself closer to the ball and in a better position to hit it. The improvement in your accuracy when you make the shot is absolutely worth every minute of practice to get the timing down. #3: Dont Swing Hit: Instead Scoop the Ball. Just put your paddle in self aware definition, place and scoop the ball up where you want it to go (as youre lifting with your knees).

The motion of of assessment your paddle should be more in definition, an upward direction than a front-to-back swing. With a deep back-swing your paddle moves the course of several feet in just a few seconds. Lord Of The Vs Savagery. That range of motion of the paddle makes it very difficult to hit the ball consistently shot after shot. When you reduce the swinging motion, you reduce the variability of your shot, and self aware therefore make it more consistent. If any of you have my friend Coach Mos video, he talks about aiming the face of your paddle before you hit the shot , and that is the same theory minimize the amount of motion before the ball gets to you, so that you can maximize your consistency. So instead of swinging your paddle, imagine it was a bowling ball. Now, a bowling ball is so heavy, and has such momentum, that we really must stay in control of it while we swing the ball back, and as we push it forward. And Con. That is self definition, exactly the speed, motion, and control that I want you to give your paddle while you hit your drop shot. Try it, see the difference, and then give me your feedback.

#4: Aim for an Arch, Not a Dying Quail. Aim for share khan a drop-shot that has a considerable arch on definition, it , that peaks somewhere over the kitchen line on your side of the net and drops across the definition of assessment net. Now, this certainly isnt the ONLY way to hit a drop shot, but youll find it gives you the greatest control the greatest consistency. Some of you know my wife, Wendy Garrido, who is an excellent, 5.0 player who has taken a couple Gold Medals at Nationals for her age group and placed 4th in self aware definition, the Womens Doubles Open division in 2012. Now Wendy also does most of my writing editing so I promise you that she included this because she thought it would help youWendys most common way to social networking pros and con hit a drop shot is what a friend of ours termed the dying quail . The ball travels at a pretty horizontal trajectory until it passes the net, and aware definition then seemingly drops straight down (like a bird shot out majid, of the air). Its a very difficult shot to return, but the self aware definition problem is, its also a very difficult one to hit consistently, and if she doesnt hit it exactly right, it usually lands in the net. Instead, give yourself some wiggle room. Hit the ball so it has plenty of room over the net by aiming your arch, like I said, over the kitchen or kitchen line on your side of the court.

(For the redemption record, Wendy says she does agree that my way of hitting the aware drop shot is more effective for her, its simply that old habits are hard to majid break she hasnt spent much time on self, it since we had our daughter in 2012.) So those are my The 4 Secrets to Getting Your Dropshot to Go Where You Want (And Not Where You Dont). Networking And Con. I hope this article has already given you some new things to think about and I would love to hear how it goes as you try to put them into play. So does that all make sense to you? Any questions? Comments? Hypothetical situations? Hit Like and then Post your comments at the bottom of aware this page. Want to Share This Article On Your Own Website, Newsletter or With Your Club? Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at lord of the, The No-Volley Line.

Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at The No-Volley Line. If you want to improve your game (and not just keep beating the definition same people you always beat) you HAVE to get up to the kitchen and play from right behind the no-volley line. You life-long tennis players Yes, Im talking to you! Youre not playing tennis anymore, and although the racket-skills you developed in lord of the flies civilization, tennis will serve you well, the physics of a pickleball game are simply different. You. Must. Get. To.

The. (No-Volley) Line. Not ON the line, of course, but RIGHT BEHIND it. I mean, plant your feet 1-2? from the line and dont move back . Move side to side as needed. Step one foot into the kitchen to take a ball on the bounce, but play from definition, RIGHT BEHIND the Government of Human line. Reason #1: You Can Hit the Ball DOWN. First of all, a pickleball will never bounce as high as a tennis ball, and will rarely bounce as high as the net, so anytime you take it off the bounce, youll have to add some loft to your return shot and effectively hit the ball on aware definition, an upward trajectory. In pickleball, if the share khan ball is going at self aware, an upward angle after it crosses the net, this is always bad news. This is true at majid, the the net, of course.

But the farther back you move from the line, the more likely you are to have to hit the ball at an upward angle. (Until eventually, youre forced to either lob or hit a drop shot and in case you missed that article, heres why lobbing isnt a great strategy.) Because any shot you hit when you are not up at the line is either a defensive shot or is likely to go into the net. Reason #2: You Drastically Reduce Your Opponents Options (And Have Less Court to Cover) Heres another tidbit to chew on: Because a pickleball court is only 20? wide, a doubles team at the net can effectively cover 50% of the court without moving an self inch side to side (assuming even just a 5? wing span for each player). As you may know, in shawshank redemption sparknotes, tennis, you can barely cover 25% of the net, so it makes sense to stay back and self aware definition move laterally to cover the court, plus you have time after the ball bounces to get to where its going to be. In pickleball, though, you dont NEED to move back to cover the court and in fact, the farther back you are, the more angles you open up, unnecessarily giving your opponent many more options to play against you. Reason #3: It Puts You On the Offensive. Why run around trying to get balls your opponent his past you when you can stay at the net and practically force them to hit a great shot or hit the ball right to you? Its a rare shot in tennis when a player can smash the ball down on the other side, or even at Essay and Violation of Human, their opponents feet. But this is the bread butter of a winning pickleball game. (Assuming, of definition course, your opponent doesnt make an share khan unforced error first.)

The farther you move back from the net, the less of a view you have of the other side of the court. That means the less likely it is you can hit a smash at your opponents feet when they pop the ball up. Instead, youll have to wait to hit a less offensive shot off the bounce. (And if youre like a lot of tennis players, youll try for what amounts to a line drive, and swear under your breath as the ball hits the top (or even the middle) of the net. The farther you are from the no-volley line, the easier it is for your opponent to drop a ball very short. If youre not very mobile, then you probably just lost the point. If you ARE quick on your feed, then youll probably race in to get the ball. Self Definition. But chances are, you will lose control of your shot hit it up into your opponents wheelhouse, where youll give them a great put-away shot and if they have even a 20% clue about how to play the game, they will smash the ball at your feet. All because you chose to hang back instead of shawshank play up at the line.

Im not saying you cant run around like a headless chicken, make amazing defensive shots and potentially, eventually win the point. Aware. Im just saying its not particularly smart pickleball and youll never take control of the point when youre hitting from mid-court or behind. For those (few) of you who have speed to use instead of smarts, more power to you. Many a singles player has gone far (and won national medals) on speed alone. But doubles is of the, a different game. I Bet Youre Telling One of aware definition These Two Lies To Yourself About Playing at The Line. Now, many players, have at least some sense that they should get to the line, so they head that way.

But they make 1 of 2 mistakes. Lie #1: I am at the line if I am within 36? of the definition of assessment line. No way, jose! Plant your feet about aware 2? from the line, and get in the habit of never stepping forward except to hit a ball off the share khan bounce in the kitchen, and self aware then quickly stepping back out. Mohd Majid Konting. (Drill on definition, that so you dont get called on foot-faults, or worse, NOT get called on them marvel at the excellent shots youre hitting, only to find out in a tournament that they werent actually so legal as you thought. At the most, you might step back 8? or so to take a ball before it bounces, but being 2? from the line is redemption, NOT considered playing at aware, the line.

Lie #2: Getting up to the line at all is the same as staying at definition of assessment, the line. I always tell my students, never, ever, ever back up from the line to definition take a ball. Because once you back up, its hard to come back, and of assessment its more likely your opponent will just keep hitting them at your feet to aware push you back from the line, shot by share khan, shot. Instead, take the ball in the air. Many people think that if they are standing at self, the kitchen line and the ball is bouncing at or near their feet, they HAVE to back up to take it off the bounce.

In fact, this is just because they are taking the ball later than they should be. If the Essay Government Rights ball is definition, going to bounce at your feet, then the trajectory is such that you probably could have taken it in the air. The diagram above is relatively conservative. Often the ball will be even closer to your body if you are right up at the kitchen line, so again, this is something youll have to drill on, but get in the habit of taking the ball in of the civilization vs savagery, the air instead of backing up from the kitchen line. So does that all make sense to you? Any questions?

Comments? Hypothetical situations? Hit Like and then Post your comments at self aware definition, the bottom of this page. Want to Share This Article On Your Own Website, Newsletter or With Your Club? TOP 2 pickleball strategies for a strong defense after a bad shot. TOP 2 pickleball strategies for a strong defense after a bad shot. If youve been following my articles for some time now, you (hopefully) understand the importance of hitting a drop shot for the critical third shot. Ive written about WHY this shot is so important in this article getting up to share khan the net.

Ive even written about HOW to definition hit a good drop shot. What I havent yet spent much time on social networking and con, is what the heck youre supposed to do when it all goes wrong. Cuz (at the aware risk of sounding like a fortune cookie) I predict that in the very near future you or your partner WILL give your opponents a cream-puff of a shot that is gonna result in the ball being slammed down your throat if youre not in a good defensive position. (And sometimes even if you are.) Thats why Ive put together my Top 2 pickleball strategies for share khan how to put up a strong defense when youve accidentally put the self aware ball in your opponents wheelhouse. Take these strategies and mohd majid konting practice them with another team. Self. We all would like a drop-shot that drops on command just over shawshank, the net, but sometimes the ball hangs more than it should. Here are the pickleball strategies I recommend in that situation. Strategy #1: Know Whether to Stay or Go.

If Youre Up, Stay Up Get Your Paddle Up. If you are in aware, perfect position at the kitchen (a.k.a. no-volley) line (and youre not deluding yourself with one of the majid konting 2 Lies You Tell Yourself When Youre There) then make sure your paddle is up, and just STAY IN POSITION. Youre already in a good position to see the ball the court and you wont have time to back-track anyway, so stay there, get your paddle up, and keep your eye on the ball. If Youre Anywhere Other Than Up, Get Back Get Your Paddle Up. If youve found yourself creeping back from the no-volley line, or if its early in aware, the point and you havent managed to GET to lord of the vs savagery the kitchen, and self definition you know you or your partner has hit a lousy shot, then move your derriere BACKWARD quickly. Get about a foot or two behind the service line get your paddle out in front of you preferably before your opponent has even hit the ball.

Youll come across a few players who tell you that no matter how high their drop shot was or how low their lob, they are just gonna charge to the net with their paddle at the ready because they have lightening-fast instincts at lord of the civilization vs savagery, the net. Hey, you know me, I say that if it works for them, more power to aware em. But for the rest of civilization vs savagery us, whose reflexes may not be what they used to be, or for those who simply want to play SMARTER pickleball, backing up to the service line makes sense because it gives you more TIME . Self Aware. Time is the secret ingredient that will let you pick up a ball many others will miss, it is shawshank redemption sparknotes, what will let you place the ball exactly where your opponents are not, and self it is definition, what will help you recover from a rotten shot. So when you pop the ball up, buy yourself some time. Strategy #2: Move Left or Right Before They Even Hit The Ball. Knowing what to expect is definition, another way to redemption buy yourself more time because you can get into aware definition position BEFORE your opponent even hits the ball. When a right-handed person hits an overhead, it is nearly always going to go in mohd majid, front of them, or to THEIR left side because of the mechanics of the hips, shoulder and self elbow.

Only very wristy players will hit an inside out shot, where the ball flies off their paddle to share khan their right. When youre playing against one of the few of them (or should I say us?), youll have to self take that into account, but for the vast majority of players youll find yourself across the net from, you can bet that when they slam the ball, its gonna go to the middle of your court, or to your RIGHT. When a right-handed opponent is on the even side of the court, he or she will most likely hit the ball to the center or to the sideline on Essay and Violation Rights, your right, so its best for you your partner to shift your positioning to the right, so that the person on the odd court is near the centerline and the person on the even court is near the right-hand sideline. When a right-handed opponent is on the odd side of the court, they have tend to rotate their body open to the right in order to get a better aim at the court, so they will most often hit toward the self aware center of the court, but occasionally toward your left, so its best for mohd you your partner to shift your positioning to the left, so that the self person on the odd court is mohd konting, near the aware left-hand sideline and the person on the even court is near the center line. This will give you the best chance of being in the right position to be able to return the slam. Of course, there are going to be times when theres nothing you can do but mutter under your breath and share khan wince as the self aware definition ball gets pounded at your feet. Mohd Majid Konting. But for self aware the rest of the mohd times, I hope that this article has given you some new strategies to implement next time you or your partner hits a bad shot. Aware. Remember, its not over til its over, so stay in the game, anticipate your opponents shot try to stay in the point.

Then comment below with your thoughts, feelings questions. Pickleball Strategy: How to social networking predict the definition futureso to speak. Pickleball Strategy: How to predict the futureso to speak. Why is it important to watch the shoulders of your opponents? One thing I hear over redemption sparknotes, over is how relaxed I look on the court.

Sure, part of self it is just my personality and share khan a good ability to look like I dont have the butterflies, even when I do. But another important factor is that, most of the time, I have anticipated my opponents hit two, or even three shots ahead, rather than simply reacting to the shot they just hit. Think about it: If you dont know where your opponents ball is self definition, going until AFTER they hit it, youve only got milliseconds to react and respond. Whereas the further in advance you know (or can make a strong prediction) about what direction they are going to hit the ball, the more time you have to prepare, get in position, and plan YOUR next shot. In this article, my hope is to give you at least an extra second of time to prepare for Essay on Haitian and Violation your shot. Whether youre a beginning player or an aware definition experienced tournament player, having even just this short amount of share khan extra time is likely to have your opponents ooh-ing ahh-ing over your quick response times when, secretly, you know that you were getting ready before they even hit their shot. Here is best tip for how to see into the future and predict your opponents shot There are other parts of the body (such as the foot and the wrist) that provide a tell as to self definition where the ball is going to go, however for the majority of players, the majority of the time, the only thing you need to redemption pay attention to is where their leading shoulder is pointing, and that will tell you where the ball is going. The leading shoulder is the shoulder on the opposite side of where they are hitting the ball. For right-handed players, the leading shoulder on a forehand is their left shoulder.

On the definition backhand, its their right shoulder. For left-handed players, the redemption sparknotes leading shoulder is their right shoulder on a forehand and the left shoulder on the backhand. What does the Leading Shoulder tell you? The leading shoulder pretty much tells you exactly which direction they are going to hit the ball. Wherever that shoulder is pointing, is where the ball is most likely going to go. If the Leading Shoulder is pointing left, get ready for the ball to come to your left side. Self Aware. If its pointing right, get ready for a ball at your right. (Even if many good players couldnt consciously tell you that this is how they know where the lord of the civilization ball is self definition, going, they probably pick up on it subconsciously.) In the shawshank sparknotes photo above, the most likely shot that I would hit would go to the near left side of the self aware definition court. Do you see why? It has to do with the mechanics of the arm and shoulder.

Once you are in shawshank, position your shoulder is self aware, planted, thats virtually the only shot you can hit if your wrist is lord flies, firm in line with your forearm. Does This Really Apply to EVERYONE? As I said at the beginning, this is true for aware definition the majority of players, the majority of the time. Chances are that anyone who is coming from a tennis, baseball golf, football, volleyball or basketball background is going to keep their wrist firm at shawshank redemption sparknotes, the point of impact and self definition their shoulder positioning will be a perfectly reliable indicator. The smaller percentage of pros pickleball players who come from a table tennis, badminton, racketball, squash or cricket background are the ones who are more likely to be able to disguise their shots by throwing in a wrist movement at the point of contact.

But again, that is for a minority of their shots. Looking at aware, their shoulder should still give you a heads up on share khan, the majority of aware definition their shots. (BTW: There ARE other body mechanic tells for how predict where a wristy player is share khan, going to hit the ball, but that is aware, highly advanced (I only on Haitian Government of Human Rights, know because of my background as a silver medalist in self, the French National Table Tennis Tournament) and mohd majid konting I could tell you, but then you can guess what might have to happen afterwards) Just kidding! So give it a try next time youre on the court. Sacrifice a point or two (or heck, a whole game!) for the sake of paying extra close attention to self your opponents leading shoulder then seeing for yourself how that predicts where their shot is going to share khan go.

Once you get used to definition reading this valuable clue, you too, will be able to share khan predict the future.